4 myths about paid social media followers you must know

Are you looking forward to get paid social media followers for promotion of your business, brand or new product? If so, then you have come up with a really cool idea. There is no need to mention that social media that include Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Instagram etc. offer a great platform for advertisement. Efficacy of Social media marketing can be explained with one simple fact. We all know that to advertise a product it has to be presented before the target audience. Social media offers a platform where target audience for almost every product exists. Let alone take the example of Facebook, which has just crossed the 2 billion users mark.

As a matter of fact excluding social media from the affiliate marketing campaign has become inevitable. Now, the real question is what path one should exactly follow for effective social media marketing. You must be familiar that one basic step of launching a presence on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is by making a page so that fans, or target customers can like or follow it. Hence, it is established that getting followers is one of the significant step of social media marketing and requires strategic planning. Now, the question arises is it safe to get paid Social Media Followers on your page.

Let me a bit honest, many business people feel hesitation in buying paid Twitter and Instagram followers or Facebook Fans. It is not because the process is costly; it is quite possible to get 1000 of real followers by investing some bucks and that too in no times. The real hurdle is those prevalent myths that bar people from choosing for the paid social media followers.

Let’s debunk those myths.

Myths about Paid Social Media Followers

1. Paid Social Media Followers are of no Use

The concern seems real when you look at the dynamics of the way things work. But it has basis. Just suppose that you make a Facebook page for your new product, you want the target audience to like it. As part of targeting your Facebook campaign to the specific audience,  you will promote your page, which is a strategic way of kick-starting. Keep in mind that promotion alone is not going to do any good. Your page must have some followers, so that other fans don’t feel any hesitation in liking it. It is natural for people to follow those pages that already have some followers. So, paid social media followers are actually of some use.

2. Paid Social Media Followers may Offend the Potential Fans

It is another myth that paid social media followers show no interest in posts. They are fake. So, a sign of no activity on their part makes potential customers feel that either product or its page is not real, hence, it is better to switch off. Well, the thinking makes sense, because same kind of behaviour is often seen in promotion of a page through traditional ways as well. But this doesn’t mean that getting paid followings and likes offers an obstacle for the genuine followers. Reason is that paid followers are also genuine and they are sourced from the pool of targeted audience.

3. Paid Social Media Followers are Fake

No. I have tried to address this myth in part two as well. Services that offer paid likes and followers,                 generate them from the selected target market. They don’t use any software to get likes on your social media page or enhance followers on Instagram and Twitter. They simply research about the potential followers on your behalf and direct them to your page.

4. Paid Following can Penalise your Social Media Page

The most common myth regarding the subject is that choosing for paid followers is a bad omen. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any medium recognizes the hand of some software and then bans that page for fetching fake followers. Well, the fact is evident from the way consequences of black hat SEO techniques work. But as mentioned earlier, paid social media followers are actually real fans; hence there is no question of getting penalized for using some fake mechanism. Afterall, all you do is to outsource for targeted social media marketing for your product or business