Learn how to Add Admin to Facebook Page With These Easy Steps

The world will collapse if Facebook is taken away from the lives of humans. It has become part of everyone’s life these days. Facebook is not just a social networking site anymore. It is so much more than that. People can create pages regarding various topics. These pages can be business/pleasure or entertainment related.  We are here to teach you to step by step as to how to add an admin to a Facebook page.

 Learn how you can add an admin to a Facebook page.

how to Add Admin to Facebook Page

 Let us first tell you that the display on your phone will vary from that of your phone. We are guiding you on how to do it on your laptop.

  • The first requirement here is to have a Facebook page. If you've more than one Facebook page then choose the one in which you want to add an admin.
  • After going to the page you want to add the admin, click on the settings option. You will find this on the top right corner of the page. Click on that.
  • Amongst various other options, you will find an option named Page Roles. You need to click on that option this time.
  • When you click on that option a page opens up on your laptop where you will find in bold letters the words “ assign a new page role”. That is where you are supposed to add the name of the admin.

  • After you're done typing the name of the new admin in the box. Click on the drop-down menu. There will be plenty of options to choose from. Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, Analyst, and Live Contributor. From all these options you must select the Admin option to add an admin to your facebook page.
  • Facebook displays a message that will pop-up when you're about to enter the yes add option. It will remind you that the admin to this facebook page shall share the same rights as you do. On accepting that you'll be asked to re-enter your Facebook password. Once you're done with that as well. You'll have a new admin on your facebook page.

The person you're adding as an admin will always be on your friend list but if he/she isn't your Facebook friend, then simply type their email-id on the box. This way you'll be able to add an admin to your Facebook page.

A few things to keep in mind before adding an admin to a Facebook page.

 When you add someone as an admin to your page it means you trust that person enough to make them an admin to your page. When you add an admin/admins to your facebook page then you don't have to go through the hassle of accepting requests or giving permission to people every time they want to post something on your page. They will also be able to manage the look of the page, decide on what to publish and what not to, edit and respond to the posts, delete comments on various posts and create ads for promotion.