Advantage of a Personalized Online Social Media Marketing Strategy

Personalized marketing, one of the most effective online social media marketing strategy focuses on targeting market initiatives and messaging current and prospective customers. It works with the aid of digital technology, social media and data analysis. Also known as one-to-one marketing, it completely customizes to the consumers’ needs which makes it one of the most focused forms of targeted marketing.

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How personalized online social media marketing works?

For a personalized marketing campaign to be successful, a company needs to be able to obtain as much information as possible about both its current and potential customers. There is a vast amount of data available on consumers today which can be analyzed and leveraged for getting recommendations, customized, targeted offers and messaging designed for appealing to individuals based on their past behavior.

Undoubtedly, digital and social media is a major medium for personalized marketing and it is extremely popular with advertisers. The information can be easily tracked using social media profiles, beacons, cookies, or any other interactive tool on websites and you can get a wealth of data, which will help you fine-tune the ads you show to viewers and potential users.

Some of the benefits of a personalized online social media marketing strategy are –

A greater likelihood of conversion through online social media marketing

With the right amount of personalization at the right time, you can make the prospects think that you “get them”. You can continue deploying this strategy throughout your relationship with them and you will notice that now you are more likely to be seen as a trustworthy partner in helping them reach their goals.

Develop deeper prospect relationships sooner

It always takes a lot of hard work and dedication to come up with the “top of the funnel” content such that it does not sound like a call directed at anyone who checks a few demographic boxes. With personalized marketing, you will be able to start relationships on the right foot by paying immediate attention to understanding your web visitors.

Centering your strategy on social media profiles increase engagement with your clients. You can also use the information about their preferences to set your social media content accordingly. Track the responses from your customers on different content formats and events and design more marketing strategies to be inclusive of these preferences.

Deeper connections

A better understanding of what will work best for your visitors

Every offer and landing page that you build is focused on the ideal prospects. However, personalization is where the rubber really meets the road. For example – if you want to personalize an offer, you can build eight slight variations of a page. It is an effort, but the control and precision will help you micro-target and also raise lifetime customer value. You can also use social media banners to the same effect. The banner design is also more emphasized than regular social media posts. You can use it to launch an event or product. You can also use it to announce new offers and discounts to entice your audience towards your brand.

More engagement, more data, more feedback through online social media marketing

Do you remember the days when businesses were rushing to launch “live chat” widgets? How they were touting them as the next best thing after social media? Adding such neat features is only useful if you have engagement from the people. A personalized marketing strategy will help you get more content from each user. This in turn will help you go through their thoughts and improve your product.

Social media platforms

More social sharing will lead to a greater brand affinity

Most people are more likely to spread bad news than good news. However, that does not mean they will never share the good news at all. With a personalized marketing strategy, you will have more chance of your brand going viral. People will be more likely to share your content across the world. For inspiring the people to share the things they liked about your website, you will need to carefully come up with ways to appreciate their efforts.

Social media is an extremely powerful engagement tool. However, if your marketing strategy does not involve online and social media within its parameters, you are losing out a chunk of vital resource. Use these platforms to market to your brand better. In addition, also to develop a deeper understanding of your market as well. Only this way you can create a personalized marketing plan to target your audience directly.