Advertising and Social Media Ads – Why You Should Go Digital?

If you are to choose between your cell phone and your television, which one would you prefer? Cell phone, right? Then in your quest to choosing between traditional advertising and social media ads, why would you remain outdated?

advertising and social media

Most of your potential customers are busy surfing the internet. While you are investing your hard-earned money, and a huge chunk of it on traditional advertisement mediums. And the first choice that comes in it is newspapers!

This can be your biggest mistake in an attempt to intensify the growth of your business.

Learn why!

Cons of Newspaper Advertisements and Social media advantage

You’re probably taken aback by the whole thought of it. Because, newspapers are the best way to reach the maximum audience possible for promoting your brand. That is what holds you back from scoring the best in this cruise of world-wide business.

You may have set up a local business with a minimum requirement of your target audience. This tells you that advertising in local newspapers is going to bring you the best results. But, even as a local business, you must keep in mind the actual purpose and accurate reach of your business to the appropriate target audience.

Cons of traditional advertising

Let’s take a look on a few drawbacks of newspaper ads.

  • Newspapers have mostly become a formality in today’s world. People often skim through it, taking in just the important pieces.
  • It’s the era of technology. Newspapers may not be able to reach most of your audience, even if they’re supposed to.
  • Most of the world has taken to their cell phones and there’s the facility of e-newspapers. Hence, advertising in traditional newspapers will result in your waste of capital, time and leads!

These three aspects tell you at a glance why newspaper advertising is not worth your time and resources.

Then again, you need to advertise somewhere or the other. So, what’s the alternative? You’re right there. It’s social media advertising. There are various other modes of digital advertising and they are quite effective as well.

Which Type of Advertising Should You Choose for Your Business?

Digitalization has made advertising strategies incredibly flexible, the reason why traditional advertising is not

The trend anymore. It has a greater reach to your audience. Your customers do not want to go through repetitive and often disturbing-untimely advertisements.

Types of digital advertising

Hence, digital advertising is your ultimate choice.

Online advertising can be done through various online platforms readily available to those who are willing to explore it. It’s effective in capturing greater leads, converting them to valuable customers. Therefore, instead of the companies reaching out to its audience (traditional advertising), it helps the audience to reach out to the companies which appears to be a healthy way of B2B or B2C communications at present.

The best digital advertising and social media strategies are:

Social media advertising– a digital advertising channel which is highly effective in capturing leads.

Branding – It helps you to stand aside and different from everyone else and does the most of advertising.

Creating a website – A website is one of the most important facet of advertising digitally for your business.

SEO ranking (search engine optimization) resulting in better search results for the products/services offered by you along with paid-searches (pop-up ads related to search tags)

Opt-in emails are a great way to reach your target audience and convert them into valuable leads/customers.

In a nutshell, digital advertising is a way of featuring your business using various online channels by offering the audience a choice instead of forcing them onto it. This often results in benefitting the provider with valuable returns on investment, repute and growth in business.

Why are we stressing on Social media advertising? Here’s the reason why!

Social Media Advertising and Why You Need It

Like you already know, the whole world is on social media and depends on it vastly. If you take to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all other social networking apps, it’ll provide you with ample of information “about” your potential customers.

Why you need social advertising?

Never ever would you get that through newspaper advertising. Moreover, you’ll be more aware about your competitors, their strategies – of course, with keen observation, the interests of your target audience. Wait! Before you gather all these information, set your preferences about your target audience.

Analyze your product/ services and set your target audience group or segment them as required. This simple step would clear out a lot of space for you while drawing up customer traffic strategies for your company’s growth.

And the next best thing about social media – you can easily connect with your target audience and reach them directly. Also, you’ll be able to induce a lot more creativity into your advertisements that would work as lead magnets for you. In a nutshell, it doesn’t take much capital to be on social media and being a local business, you can easily manage the whole advertising process almost by yourself. It isn’t much time consuming and is extremely cost-effective, unlike newspaper advertising.