Auto Post Instagram: How Will You Schedule Instagram Posts?

Everyone who is on this great social media app called Instagram, we have brought good news for you. Instagram now allows auto-scheduling of its posts. Let's talk about auto post Instagram in details.

Auto post Instagram: Can you schedule Instagram posts?

Recently, Instagram released a new policy. This is known as the Business API. This policy allows different companies to build and develop apps that will auto-post to their Instagram Business accounts. This wasn’t allowed before, anyone who tried to do so would be blocked, penalized or banned from Instagram. But, times have changed and now Instagram offers and allows tools that will auto-schedule your Instagram posts.

What do you need to know about Instagram scheduler?

Now, with the help of apps that are online tools for marketing one can manage and schedule Instagram posts along with auto-post them. With the use of this app, you will be able to assess and post your posts on Instagram in a single panel. This saves a lot of time and allows managing of multiple accounts of Instagram.

How to schedule Instagram posts?

Auto Post Instagram

  • You need to switch your Instagram account to a business profile. This will enable you to schedule your posts. When you have a personal profile on Instagram then you will only receive reminders.
  • After that from you need to connect your profile on Instagram with Buffer to schedule your Instagram posts. For this, you have to go to the Buffer dashboard's left-hand corner.

When you do these two things that we mentioned above you will be taken to your Instagram account. Log in with your ID and password. When you finish the entire procedure you will be ready to schedule your Instagram posts.

Benefits of Instagram scheduler

After telling you about how to auto-post on Instagram, we will now enlighten you with a few benefits of it.

  • You will be able to save a lot of time. When you have the option to enhance the quality and content of your posts by scheduling your Instagram posts, then what will be better than that?
  • Instagram scheduler makes sure your content and posts are reaching the world on a day to day basis. This is what brings success to anyone on social media.
  • Although your smartphones can do almost everything, it is still better to have the option to upload and create your content with the help of a desktop. When you use the desktop to post your content you will get the images and videos from your desktop that won't be available on your phone.

Instagram is now an integral and crucial part of marketing. It is used by more and more number of businesses everywhere in the world. But, it is a difficult task to find the time to post contents on Instagram on a daily basis. To solve this problem Instagram came up with the idea of auto-post. For the managers of social media, auto post Instagram scheduler is of big help. It not only boosts productivity but also saves a lot of time.  We hope this guide answered every question about auto-posting on Instagram.