Black Hat SEO Techniques and Why Not Use Them

In the world of Seo, people struggle with ranking their websites, getting traffic, organically on their pages. Sometimes, they route for black hat SEO.

As this is a time-consuming process, some people tend to use illegitimate techniques to position their content in search engines. These are the black hat SEO techniques.

In order to learn more about these various black hat Seo techniques, keep scrolling down!

The most common black hat SEO techniques

Paid links

In today’s era, even links could be purchased. These links markets have very lucrative advantages, which inclines the customers towards them. These advantages are,

  • These links rank up the website in no time.
  • One needs to worry about his content quality.
  • The search engines rank the pages on the basis of customer preferences.

Due to all these factors, this technique is classified as a serious black hat.

Duplicate Content

As the name suggests this means the “copy, paste” of the content. People copy the content from one website and paste it as it is or in some like manner to their website.

This is not a serious black hat Seo. As this indicates the lack of knowledge and information. Search engines easily recognize the copied content and rank them accordingly.


With this technique two sets of content are prepared, one targeted for bots and the other targeted for human visitors. Fabricated content is severed to Bots. This information boosts the rankings. On the other hand, human visitors want to find the best information despite the site’s high rankings.

These deceptive practices deceive both search engines and human visitors. This technique is a violation of Google Webmaster Guidelines because this tactic provides the users with irrelevant results.

Doorway pages

In this technique, people use gateway pages, bridge pages or jump pages. These pages are designed with targeted keywords which ranks up their page. But in actual these pages have very little relevant information and lands the users from the chosen result to some unrelated destination. These are kind of fake pages.

Keyword stuffing

This is an old black hat SEO technique and no longer applicable, as it is used in past.

Now the search engines are smart too.

In this technique, the user uses the same keyword throughout the page in order to maximize its visibility and organic traffic. The content stuffed with keywords doesn’t look natural and is also not user-friendly. Some invisible keywords are also used which are not readable by the reader but search engines recognize them.


No doubt that these tricks would increase your page ranking in the search engine result page (SERP). But this ranking will be for a short period of time. As these kind of tactics are easy to catch sooner or later. One caught the chances of getting blocked and penalized are very high. The search engines prefer to promote the websites naturally or to run a paid campaign. These unethical practices will rank down your page.

So, to stay above the board with search engines, use the fair practices which or the white hat SEO techniques which will rank up the page naturally.