Blocked Someone On Instagram? What Will You Find On Your Profile?

Just like Facebook and other social media platforms, Instagram has also gained much popularity. Especially, the business owners have started getting advantage from this social networking site. You can post images on your Instagram profile, and get comments from others users. We know that Facebook enables you in blocking any person, who is disturbing you or posting something undesirable on your timeline. Similarly, Instagram also gives you an option to block any user. In many cases, you see that an Instagram user is making negative comments on your photos or doing other annoying activities. Blocking is the only option to stay away from that person.

Now, the question is- What happens when you block someone on Instagram? Will that person get the notification on blocking? Does it prevent you from getting unnecessary notifications? We will answer to all these queries and solve your confusions.


What will you and the blocked person find in their profile?

When you ask us- What happens when you block someone on Instagram, we like to present the major things that you will notice.

  • It does not give notification to the user, who has just been blocked by others.
  • In your follower, you will not get the blocked user’s name
  • Just after blocking the user, all notifications that you have received from him will get removed.

Activities of the blocked user on your profile

Many users have a question- If I block someone on Instagram, will their likes disappear? You will not find the past Likes and comments (of the blocked user) on your Instagram posts or photos. You may try to search the blocked profile. While it is a public profile, you will be able to look at their recent and old posts. You can visit the profile by clicking the username. You will not be able to leave a comment or five feed on the videos and photos of that user.

Chance of sending messages

Another question that we face is- If you block someone can they still DM you? The blocked person will send you a message in a normal way. However, you will not get this message as you have blocked him. Moreover, after you have blocked someone, that user will not find your profile. But, what happens when you block someone on Instagram but your profile is public? In this case, although he can trace you, he won’t get a chance of viewing your profile.

The interesting thing is that you can block anyone, who has blocked you-

 How to block someone on Instagram who blocked you

  • Type the name
  • Identify the person
  • Then, block him

What to see after unblocking anyone

We know that your confusion does not end at this point. You can ask- Can you unblock someone on Instagram? What happens when you unblock someone there?

  • Restore the notifications, Comments or Likes
  • Opportunity of commenting on one another’s profiles
  • Get DM and read it

Thus, we have presented a comprehensive guide to blocking and unblocking an Instagram user.