Learn How To Change Your Facebook Name In A Proper Manner

Since the last few years, Facebook has intercepted our lives in such a way that it has almost become a part of your identity. For instance every new people we get acquainted with asks for our Facebook name so that they can send a request and stay connected through it. Now how would you feel if you asked a new friend for his Facebook name and he replied, “Sandy the Rapper”? Well, the same might also happen to you in case you have one of your childhood fantasy names as your Facebook ID. There are many reasons including the one stated above that compel us to consider changing our Facebook names.

facebook name change

Read on to find how exactly can we change Facebook name in a proper manner?

Why is it important to change your name on Facebook?

For starters let’s just say that your Facebook profile has become on the first things that people will view and then scrutinize and then judge you by after they first meet you. In such a scenario wouldn’t it be wise to ensure your profile is displaying a proper name? Other than that there are many proper reasons which make it necessary to change your name on Facebook. There might be someone searching you by your real name and your Facebook profile is named after your pet name, or maybe the other way around. In both cases, the person will be unable to find you on Facebook. Maybe you have got married recently and you no longer wish to be identified by your birth name. Or maybe you want to shorten your name to something which people easily identifies you with, for instance, Mike instead of Michael.

Simple steps to change your Facebook name

Follow the steps mentioned below will help you to perform a Facebook name change.

  1. Log on to your Facebook profile from your browser on your desktop. In doing so your news feed will be loaded.
  2. Search for an upside down arrow button on the upper right side of your Facebook page and then click on it. This will make a drop-down menu come down.
  3. Near the bottom of that drop-down menu, you will find a Settings menu which you will have to select.
  4. On the upper left side of the opened page, you shall find a General tab. Click on that tab.
  5. On that general settings page, you will find the Name option right at the top. On clicking on the Name option you will be able to select your First, middle and last name. Then you can edit them as per your will.
  6. Change your name to the one you prefer.
  7. Click on the Review change button which will provide a preview of your name including the changes you have made.
  8. You will get options from which you can select the preferred display option.
  9. If the display satisfies you, enter your password in the provided field below.
  10. Finally, click on the Save Changes button and your name will be changed on Facebook.

Warning: Be careful when you want to edit names on Facebook. Make sure you keep that name for a long period of time. It is because changing your name frequently will block the option and make you incapable of changing it.