Comparing Traditional Vs. Digital Media in Marketing

For any business, the ultimate is successful marketing. Marketing, in simple terms, is a process designed to create an attractive appeal for the business. This is not easy, considering the immense competition prevailing out there. Marketers work hard to come up with innovative advertising solutions through which they can attract their audience and retain their customers. The choice of media in marketing wields tremendous power. However, it often becomes a problem to choose which one will work best for you. Here is a detailed comparison to give you a look at what would work for your business.

Media in marketing

Considerations when choosing media in marketing

You have to go through some specific considerations for the choice of the best type of media in marketing. Here are a few of these considerations to get you to start your list. You can of course, add or edit the list according to your preference.

  1. Is your business focusing on local or global target audience?
  2. What is your comfort level with computers and technology?
  3. Are you aware of the new platforms like social media and paid advertisements?
  4. Do you have the budget to hire a professional company to help you adapt to a faster platform?
  5. Is your target audience going to prefer a particular type of media in choosing their products and services?
  6. Do you have any credible distribution system for printed collaterals for your business?

When you have the answer to these questions in place, it will give you a better perspective about which media is a better choice for your marketing purpose. Even if you are not comfortable with that media platform yet, you should try to find a solution to understand the platform more and transfer to it as soon as possible.

Traditional media in marketing

Traditional marketing strategies comprised of newspaper ads, magazine ads, billboards, TV and radio commercials among several others. These mediums used to market brands for a long time; they also proved very effective until the digital devices took over.

Digital media in marketing

The core objective of digital marketing is the same as traditional marketing but the mediums used are different. We are living in the digital era where every other gadget we use is digital. People across the globe focus intently on to social media and spend hours on these popular platforms for several reasons. Smart marketers of this generation have realized this and changed the way they market their products or brands. Yes, marketing has become ‘digital’ and it is all over to be seen. Facebook, Instagram, You Tube are the top options for digital marketing.

Traditional Vs digital marketing: Which is better?

Traditional Vs. Digital Marketing

Reach of the media in marketing

Traditional marketing is your best choice if you are targeting local audience however if you want to target both local and global audience, digital marketing should be your choice. With internet now on everyone’s finger tips, reaching out to a specific audience located across borders is not a daunting task at all.

Since traditional marketing finds its limits to an area, building trust and relationships with customers is easy. It follows a personalized approach. On the other hand, you can create brand awareness and get popular across the globe regardless of where you are located with digital marketing; in other words, your physical presence is not imperative to build your brand name.

Content access

While your audience can access a hard copy of your marketing content with traditional marketing, They can access the same through websites and videos with digital marketing. The purpose is the same but the manner in which you reach out to your target is different.


Traditional marketing offers limited scope for interaction but you can focus more on providing information. Contrastingly, the social media platforms offer abundant scope for interaction and you can make use of this feature to the fullest to get close to your audience.

 Cost of the media in marketing

Print ads and commercials are expensive; you will need to get the materials and hire reliable people to ensure that the prints reach your audience. Conversely, digital marketing is greatly cost-efficient since social media networks are free and online paid ads come at negligible rates.

Measuring Results

Since you cannot measure traditional marketing results instantly; you need to conduct surveys and interpret to get an exact insight. Thus with digital marketing, you can easily analyze whether your marketing strategies have worked for your business or not.

If you want an effective and efficient marketing support, talk to an expert today. An expert marketing company will be able to suggest the best measures.