Exploring Google+ Social Media: All You Need to Know About It

Google+ was a social networking site that was founded and maintained by Google. On June 28, 2011, the service was established in an effort to contest with existing social platforms integrating other Google products such as Google Drive, Blogger, and YouTube. Google+ Social media was the company's third venture, following Google Wave and Google Buzz.

Google+ Social Media

On June 28, 2011, the service went into the testing phase on an invitation-only approach. The initial users were allowed to invite colleagues the next day, but that option was quickly revoked due to what Google termed as “outrageous demand” for additional accounts.

Why was Google+ Social Media Shut?

According to the company's statement, the site was closed down due to limited utilization. The obstacles associated with sustaining a viable brand that fulfills users' demands were a lot. Presumably, such obstacles are mostly related to a data breach detected by the social media platform in March 2018 but not disclosed for the next 6 months.

Google+ Social Media

What Data Did Google Take Down

All Google+ pages that have been established, as well as any photographs or video clips in the Google+ album library, are deleted.
Since the rest of the Google apps are unaffected by the shutdown, Photos and movies saved in Google Photos remained unaffected. Google account, which is tied to applications like Mail, YouTube, and Navigation, remained active, however, the Google+ account, which was solely used for social networking, has been deactivated

How Google+ Reached its Pinnacle

Two weeks after the introduction, Google+ had ten million subscribers in 2011. It then achieved 25 million in a couple of weeks. As per Larry Page, in October 2011, it already had 40 million monthly active users. The United States proved to be the largest marketplace, trailed after India. Google+ has 90 million members by the ending of 2011. By engaging with Google+'s improved features such as Google Mail, the+1 button, and YouTube commentary, nearly 540 million months of registered users engaged the social overlay. 300 million active monthly users participated in the networking site through their interactions with the Google+ social network feed.

Features of Google+ Social Media

Although Google+ was praised by all, here are a few features that helped Google+ Social Media gain success.


You're utilizing Circles to categorize people on Google+ that you're following. So you may arrange your feed by using Circles. So just click on the circle on the left. Then decide the circle where your postings are.


Hangouts is a group video chat. Up to 10 individuals could communicate at a time through video conferencing. You may opt not to be visible or audible, and choose YouTube videos to play in your meeting with other people

Real-Time broadcast

The stream is a broadcast on Google+ with the latest additions. After logging onto streams, fresh updates display immediately, and therefore comment threads would automatically appear as others remark on the post.

Sand Bar

After logging in, nearly every Google application presents this grey bar. There are two characteristics on the left side of the bar.

Uploading photographs

One could simply publish images on Google+, embedded into Google's Picasaweb galleries. To share a picture, simply click on the Google+ sharing list and select the small camera symbol. Hence, you may directly post and share images to Picasaweb and Google plus.


Enter + or @ to label a person, accompanied by the name of the person. The individual will be alerted that they have been tagged and associated with your article.

Data Liberation

Just as anyone can on Facebook, users may obtain Google+ information. Log in to Google+, right-hand symbol on the sidebar, and choose Google+ Configuration. Log in to Google+ A data release URL is already on the opposite side. Click on this and pick which Google+ data to back up. You also may take anything else into Google+ easily.

Data Protection

The security of Google+ focuses on Circles and users' options to pick what Circles they were able to access. Go over the confidentiality settings to comprehend what you can see and who viewed the profile.

A Few Alternatives since Google+ Social Media Isn’t Anymore


Tumblr is a fantastic substitute to Google+ that allows you to share anything. Having been versatile, highly enjoying, and high-class, it enables you to publish your emails, computers, browsers, phones, and others on images, messages, links, quotations, videos, and the like

This service like few others is a microblogging site, all fun, and much fun. With Tumblr, because it causes users to feel amazing.


VK, headquartered in the Soviet Union, is one of the world's major and EU's leading social media platforms. Much like other people on social media can take and transmit photographs, videos, posts, and almost everything else from a leading social networking site that you may anticipate.

Available at the moment in 83 languages, increasing and boasting an unparalleled personalized user experience, Google+ is a very viable option that makes you completely forget the presence of Google+.


Mastodon is also free software, popular social media micro-blogging network, with extensive user customizations and an enormous beast worthy of tamed and friendly tension.

Few micro-blogger sites decentralized like Mastodon come as smooth and sleek. Rock it and restore the world to your word picture.


Developed for peer-to-peer blogging without any combination, it is decentralized to provide end-to-end protection that assures secrecy and privacy.

Twister is available on several OSs, it pulls from various leading social media platforms and Bitcoin's security structure to create a very safe social network service that is highly resistant to hacking.