Get Instagram Badge On Your Account- Be Authentic To All Other Users

Just as the social network, like Facebook, Instagram has also turned out to be a popular platform that attracts several users for constant interactions. However, those, who use this network regularly, perhaps have noticed Instagram blue tick in the profiles of many users. This is an Instagram verified symbol that many users like to have in their own profiles.

how to verify instagram account

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Most of the business owners like to have a verified account on Instagram. The badge indicates that the account is authentic and reliable. Lots of brands and celebrities try to have verified badge Instagram. Many of them decide to buy Instagram verification. However, if you like to know how to verify an Instagram account, we have presented the simple ways for them.

Choose hashtag- It must be popular

Hashtags allow everyone to browse Instagram accounts. If your hashtags are popular, then lots of users may trace out your recent posts. While they get interested in those posts, they become your follower. You can apply hashtags, relevant to your own brand or something personal. For instance, comedians’ hashtags need to be associated with the scene of comedies.

Have interaction with many Instagram users

This is the best way of getting more followers. For increasing the number of followers, you can start commenting on the Instagram profiles of other people. It encourages them in following you. But, do not use any spam comments because it can make them annoyed. Only write some most acceptable comment, and this will help you to get verified on Instagram.

Promoting Instagram profile by using other accounts

You have perhaps created profiles on some other popular social networking platform. For instance, while you have several followers on Twitter, you have to inform them about your photos on Instagram. You may use the app for creating a link of Twitter and this Instagram.

Create the most attractive bio

Write a good bio, and then add hashtags to it. It will allow you to make the profile visible to several other people, who are searching for hashtags. Thus, with the help of hashtags, you may be able to promote yourself.

Know the time when you can get the attention of users

A research has revealed that the time period from 2 A.M to 4 PM is best if you like to draw the attention of Instagram users. During these hours, you can do all your activities to become popular.

Thus, when you like to verify Instagram page, you may follow the above tactics. This will enable you in getting the badge in the easiest way. As a brand owner, you can gain higher credibility, and attract lots of potential customers. So, use Instagram to improve your business status.