How to do Social Branding using Content design and Powerful words

Whether you are just starting your business or are an established company, when starting your digital journey, you have to focus on social media first. Social branding is important because all your competitors and your target audiences are right here on social media platforms. If your presence on these platform do not have a powerful impact, you are going to miss out on sales and networking opportunities.

social branding with power words

Your efforts should tart entirely with the way that you are designing the content for your social media posts.

Social Branding with content design

content formats

Choose the right format for the social media platform that you are aiming for in your strategy. Every platform has its unique style of content that is most likely to get popular on that platform. Your social branding strategy should concentrate heavily on the right content design to get the maximum social media leverage.

Facebook – Facebook has very recently started experimenting with a ton of different content formats. Where you only had written posts taking priority, now you can experiment with live videos and short reels. However, make sure to infuse keywords in to every format of content on the platform.

Instagram – Mostly video reels and image based posts are prioritized on Instagram. However, you can use hashtags to infuse keywords in to your posts to make them more searchable.

Pinterest – Again a platform where image based posts are priority. However, keywords will help make your posts more search friendly.

Twitter – Short words and images are the norm for this platform. However, you can include a lot of sass and creativity within the allotted 140 characters.

Whether you are writing a social media post, a new blog post for your website or a newsletter for your subscribers, you use words for almost everything. Like certainly, what will you even do without words? But, just throwing words here and there is not enough when it comes to creating some stunning content for your audience. There is something called as ‘power words’ which is quite important if you want to engage your audience and make an impact on them with your content.

So, using powerful words for any piece of content that you make is essential. Because, the right words will always persuade your audience to interact more, and also, using powerful words garners a better conversion rate.

Power words can be classified into three different types:

words have power on social media

Seductive words for social branding content

These words are considered most persuasive among other words. They entice your audience to take action and improve your audience engagement and increase your reach.

Some examples of seductive words are:

New - People easily get attracted to new things. This word allows them discover something that is different. Using the word ‘new’ at the beginning of your blog title, or a newsletter makes your audience aware that something new is coming up.

Free - Your audience will love you for providing them with free things like a free newsletter, free course, and free access to some important tools. The word free appeals to your audience and boosts engagement.

Imagine - The word lets your audience imagine something they could do, or have, when they’re using your products. Hence, it brings up a desire in them to own the product.

Sensory words for audience targeting

These words broaden the imagination of the readers and make them feel and imagine what you are trying to say in words.

Some examples of sensory words are:

Visual words - Words like sparkling, gigantic, gloomy etc. allow your audience to visualize stuff in that way.

Taste or Smell - Words that are related to the taste or smell of something, like juicy, stinky, fragrant, rotten etc. let your readers feel the words in term of taste and smell.

Emotional words for social branding impact

These words connect to feelings of the audience hence, grab their attention quickly. People are rational, they would define any purchase with a certain logic, but what actually persuades them to get that product is their emotions.

Some examples of emotional words are:

Joy - Words like love, bliss, joyful, cherish, glorious, lucky, ecstatic, etc. evoke a feeling of joy in readers.

Surprise - Words that create a sense of surprise, like spectacular, mesmerizing, remarkable, etc. grab the attention of audience.

Using a mixture of these words will help you create content that is engaging and appealing for your audience. It will help put your social branding plan in rapid action.