How to Implement SMO in Digital Marketing For Your Small Business?

Being the owner of a small business, numerous responsibilities are sure to be on your plate. It is easy for these to overwhelm you. It might be accounting, sales or even managing the daily operations of the business. However, being able to keep up with the never-ending flow of work in your business can soon prove to be exhausting. Owing to this prevalent time-crunch an important facet is often at the sidelines. This facet is the SMO in digital marketing of your small business. SMO stands for social media optimization. It is a critical aspect of a successful digital strategy.

SMO in digital marketing

You already have less amount of time on your hands, so developing a digital and social marketing strategy is already imperative. You have to also make sure that it is capable of focusing your efforts for marketing. The attention should be on the areas that influence the most is highly essential. Digital marketing companies will rightly inform you that this area is the digital environment that we have around us.

Different people are using the internet on a daily basis for multiple uses. The market that you can take advantage of on this landscape is practically huge. Although it might not be logical and even possible at times to take advantage of every area of the digital space. However, your social media optimization and digital marketing efforts should focus on crucial aspects. Focusing on this strategy can ensure even a small business can stay ahead in the game when compared to larger contemporaries. Below has been mentioned some of the key areas that owners of small business should prioritize.

Mobile Strategy for SMO in digital marketing

More than 50% of the world’s user are accessing the internet through the screens of their smartphones. If your digital marketing strategy is not focused on this platform, then you are making a huge loss. You are literally giving away a large proportion of active internet users and potential clients for your small business. In order to remain competitive, your digital marketing strategy needs to contain at least the following things. They include:

  • Responsive design for your website- The first thing that you need to implement is optimizing your website for smartphones. Your website needs to be operational and functional while being opened from a smartphone and this can only be achieved by the use of responsive design. Since a large number of users are using the internet on the mobile, having a seamless user experience is a must.
  • Geotargeting- You can avail the awesome feature of geotagging from Facebook, whereby you can target your customers based on their geographical location and send advertisements to them on their smartphones. Being a small business, you would first want to expand locally and this step allows you to achieve exactly that. This is a brilliant way to target specific customers, who are based in the desired locations that your business has and let them find your website.

Mobile strategy


In order to rank well on search engines, you need to implement brilliant marketing and publishing information that is known by the name of SEO. If you want to stay relevant on the digital landscape, implementing this step is of great importance. It is a common habit with most internet users, to only glance at the first page of the search engine’s results. In order to increase the visits to your page, you need to be amongst the top few results of the search engine results pages. Otherwise, you guarantee your audience overlooks you. As a result your small business would suffer. You should have a focussed approach towards standard SEO as well as local SEO. This is critical if you want to gain popularity and increase profits for your business.

Video Content- SMO in digital marketing strategy

If you ask any content marketing company, they will give you a common answer. In order to connect the best with your target audience, you need to present your message via a format that is widely popular. According to a research, as much as 3.25 billion hours of video is being watched on YouTube on a monthly basis. This should give you a fair idea about the importance of this format of content. Leveraging this format will help you gain success with the digital marketing strategy of your small business. You can also experiment with the way you shoot the video. In addition, dabble with features like stories on social media platforms to better promote your business.

Video content

You should take advantage of every single forum that provides you the scope of creating video content. Examples of such platforms include YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. If you are able to create engaging content in the format of videos, you will be able to reach your customers in a refined fashion. It will help convince them into trusting in your brand, thereby increasing your brand awareness. This will open the doors towards success and help grow your small business into a successful and profitable venture.