How To Verify Facebook Page: Simple Steps

Since the inception of Facebook into our lives, things have changed dramatically for the common people. The term Facebook has been inevitably added to our daily lives and a part of our everyday routine is invariably dedicated to anything remotely associated with Facebook. Now there are many significant aspects regarding Facebook apart from our daily news feed and chat messages that most of us fail to notice. For instance haven’t you ever wondered how to verify facebook page or how to get one of those small blue check marks on your FB account? Surprisingly many of us are even unaware of its existence and its significance.

What does that blue check sign mean?

How To Verify Facebook Page: Simple Steps

The sign is proof to your followers that you have sufficient status against your name for Facebook to verify your account. Once your page is verified and you earn that blue check sign you make your business page more credible and official.

Why to verify Facebook page?

As mentioned credibility is something that we all yearn for and earning it makes us official and more significant. The same holds for our Facebook page which when verified provides social proof to the followers or visitors that our business is established and significant enough for earning it.

Can anybody get themselves verified on Facebook?

On paper the answer would be yes, any person can get a verification on Facebook. But it is actually easier said than done. There are certain types of pages that can be verified. Those types are commonly Organizations, local businesses, public figures and companies.  Having a grey badge against your account verifies your location and makes it easier for obtaining the blue one.

How to verify your facebook page: The steps

In case of a personal profile obtaining a verification on Facebook can get quite tough. Let us see the steps which can aid us in such scenarios.

1. The requirements: For verification, your Facebook page must have the following mandatory requirements.

  • A website
  • Your contact information
  • Tons of native content
  • An “about” along with long form description.

2. First, enter your page and go to Settings and from there go to General. From there you will be able to see the Page Verification option provided you have the ability to do so

3. You can get an option allowing Instant verification and there is another one for an extensive one.

  • The first one happens by having Facebook call the phone number enlisted on your page and provide you a verification code which you have to enter in the box provided by Facebook. This gets you a grey check and potentially a blue one in some time.
  • The extensive method requires you to upload all your vital documents which are proof of your legally owned business. Documents such as tax files, licenses, incorporation articles etc have to be uploaded. Facebook will run a manual review on them and then approve your verification.

What about personal pages?

When the issue is on your personal profile it gets a lot trickier to get verified. Mostly celebrities or ones having a near celebrity status gets their profiles verified.

  • Firstly you will need a lot of followers.
  • Then submit your personal profile for verification in the same manner mentioned above.
  • After that, if Facebook really considers your request you will get a contact from Facebook asking for relevant documents which will help prove your authenticity. This may consume a lot of time compared to getting your page verified.

With these simple steps, you can verify facebook page with ease!