How to View Instagram Private Profile without the Person Knowing?

Want to peek in and view Instagram private profile without the person getting a hint? Thankfully, there is a way to do this. Let us walk you through it!

view instagram private profile

Often such situations arise that the same privacy that guards us on social platforms becomes our enemy. You might have run into such a situation wherein you need to view pictures posted by someone on a private Instagram profile.

You might have an active or past connection with that person or there is some offense involved. Whatever may be the reason, you need to access a nonpublic account.

There are a number of ways to do it. You already know the direct way. Simply send them a direct follow request and wait for it to get accepted. But if you’re rooting to this article, you most probably can’t go for the direct way. So, let’s see how to view someones private Instagram photos.

Method 1: Using an Unreal Account to view Instagram private profile

Although this is against Instagram’s Terms of Use, we only advice you do so on your own discretion. We don’t endorse it as something legitimate but this is what you can do if such is the need.

  • Create a new Instagram profile preferably of a female with a real sounding name.
  • Find a random Instagram account and use a few of their photos for this purpose.
  • Follow a few people to make it look as genuine as possible. You can add a realistic bio and a profile picture as well.
  • Send a follow request to the account whom you want to gain access to.
  • Wait for it to get accepted.

You can improve the chances of acceptance by using trivial details of the person’s interests. May be they like dogs, which can work to your benefit and chances of acceptance would rise.

It also depends on how much realistic appeal you manage to render to your fake account. If it’s outright fake, chances of acceptance are really low. So, work on making it authentic by using facts about the person.

Method 2: Using an Instagram Private Profile Viewer Service

There are a number of online services that claim to give you access to view Instagram private profile. These services capitalize on the fact that people have a dire need to get through Instagram’s privacy feature.

Warning: In our tests, we didn’t find any genuine service that could return real results. They would lure you to pay via a credit card or participate in a scam. This does you more harm than it does benefit. You could fall prey to a bank fraud or a hacker attack by using such services.

So, if you do end up using a service that actually works, it will be a risk to use it. Only do this when it means there’s a lot on stake.

Method 3: Hire a Professional

At the end of the day, Instagram is an app with its own technical loopholes. Someone who is involved in ethical hacking might be able to help you. But don’t expect it to happen without a hefty price. Professionals have higher chances of success as compared to any other cheap tricks the internet offers to view private Instagram profile.