Must Have WordPress Plugins For All Website Niches!

Just launched your WordPress site? Protect it, generate successful leads and get faster speed with these top 5 must have WordPress plugins!

must have wordpress plugins

WordPress is the go-to blogging and website creation platform for anyone who is new to web design. It’s convenient, mostly free and offers tons of features for website owners.

If you have just made your new website using WordPress, you’ll need to install a few plugins for getting more out of your site. Plugins are snippets of code that help your website install new features with the click of a button.

Therefore, we have curated a list of top WordPress plugins that are recommendable to everyone regardless of what niche they belong to! Give it a read!

Top 5 Must Have WordPress Plugins

Backup Buddy

Backup Buddy is a lifesaver. You can install this plugin and be sure of backing up critical business data and everything that takes place on your site. It gives you the freedom of backing up full databases or run tests in order to check the plugin.

You can back up the entire website as it is using the plugin. You can further schedule backups, retrieve backups and store backups safe from online attacks. The vulnerable nature of the internet makes it necessary to be ready with a backup plan in case something blows up.

W3 Total Cache

The second addition to our must have WordPress plugins, is W3 total cache which is a speed optimizer. f you’re familiar with the concept of cache, you’ll know that serving cached pages of your website boosts speed. You can get a huge rise in your loading speed using this plugin.

You also get to add a CDN and configure how your cache would be stored on the server. In the horde to bag the user attention, website load speed is a critical aspect.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a one-stop solution for all your SEO needs. It takes care of the keywords for you, it integrates with blog posts and also helps in optimizing meta content. Yoast is by far the most popular must have WordPress plugins out there.

You can install Yoast and forget your SEO worries instantly!

Insert Headers and Footers

This one is a dead simple plugin but also one of the most essential WordPress plugins. It helps in inserting header and footer content to your website. You can easily insert things like Google Analytics activation code, Javascript codes etc the non-techie way. It makes life much easier for people who don’t like messing with HTML by themselves.

Sucuri Scanner

Sucuri brings a shield of security to your website and it is reported to be the best WordPress plugins when it comes to web firewalls. It has a number of features built into it to defend, prevent and take measures for hacker attacks. The free version has a number of things you can use as it is. The paid version features even more security tightening features.

You can take care of things like security activity auditing, manage the integrity of files and scan for malware on your site using this one. Although WordPress is pretty secure by itself, Sucuri just makes sure you don’t fall victim to the thousands of web attacks circulating around the web.