Mute People on Instagram: Have a Smart News Feed

Mute People
Mute People

Ensuing the recent launch of an equivalent tool in its Stories tab, Instagram is, at last, adding the much-needed mute people button to forestall some specific individual's posts from turning up in the news feeds. As reported by Instagram, 1st seen by developer Jane Manchin Wang within the code of ‘Android Instagram app’, it seems that by using this feature, users can now select from a wide range. Apart from this, it will also be extensively available in the forthcoming weeks. This feature is especially handy when you don’t want to continue seeing someone's post repeatedly. In case you don’t want to unfollow an account, but still are not pleased with the idea of seeing their posts on your feed, you can very well use the mute button for that particular account. You should keep in mind even though you have muted the account, the handler of that account can still reach you through DMs or tags, which means you'll get notifications if you tag them anywhere in photos or comments. Say you need to completely stop a person from stumbling upon your account, you can just block them.

Mute People: Learn It

Below we’ll elucidate how to keep someone from appearing in your Instagram ‘Stories tab’, turn the account ‘SILENT’ from your feed, and lastly, how to block someone.

Mute an Instagram Story

  • Open Instagram.
  • Swipe the accounts in your Story tab at the top of your feed.
  • Create and click the profile of the person you would like to silence.
  • Select Silence Story within the menu that appears.

You will need to press and hold that profile image for just a few seconds. You can view the person’s story merely by clicking on it. Stories you've silenced will still appear at the end of the Story tab but these will not have a coloured ring surrounding them. Silent accounts won't run when you start looking at your Stories tab.

To mute the story, repeat the steps above and select the desired account.

Mute People from your Feed

  • If you would like to mute someone while scrolling through your feed, click on the menu button (appears as three dots) which you can find on the right side of their username.
  • In addition to that, you can also go for the "Report" and "Independent" options.
  • Click on ‘Silent’ and select whether you want to mute this user's posts or both their posts and stories.

Block someone

  • Click on the menu button next to the person's username in your feed or by going to their profile.
  • Select the option- block. You can't even follow users from this menu.

A Basic Need

Deep down, we all need something we can look up to during hard times, be it a major one or just a small flicker of hope right? No worries, today we got you something really thrilling: now you can "SILENCE" the “those” people you follow on Instagram. This means you will still be able to follow them; this will help you in maintaining kind of a healthy and friendly relation yet allowing you to keep your distance. You will be far away from all those posts (picture, video), or stories. People have been demanding such a feature for years now, and finally, a tech company lent an ear to us and delivered exactly what we were looking for. Here are some reasons you might want to silence someone on Instagram:

Say for instance, you've known them since high school, lost contact, and don't want to send such a convincing "following" message. They are your ex after all. You've been friends, but now they're getting five per cent better than you in every way. They are very hot, and it makes you depressed. Not anymore!

Away they Go

Just head over to their profile, click on those three little dots next to one of their posts, and the drop down list will pop up! Hit the button mute. This feature is not currently available to everyone but look for it in the forthcoming weeks. In the meantime, whenever an unwanted post comes up, try to "wool" out loud. It's fun too! Finally, Instagram is adding the option to ‘silence’ people from coming to your feed. Within the "In the coming weeks" update, you'll be free to remove someone's posts, or both posts and stories from appearing on Instagram home page. You will still be able to see the profile of the ‘silent’ person. You can silence them whenever you want, and it will not notify the person that they have been silenced/muted. This feature is long overdue.

On the contrary, you always have the choice to leave someone behind, but in most cases, it is often not the best possible option. For example, You can't simply unfollow a close relative just because they post 12 times a day (even if you feel they deserve it). You will now be able to choose to mute the blasphemous profile instead, keeping any IRL relationships safe. If only one day there comes an option to automatically ‘like’ one of these posts. Social media networks are often slow to add mute features, perhaps because they have more content to present in front of you. With time, people increase their followers and it keeps on growing. Adding mute buttons is a lot more respectful and polite way to keep our distance, so now is the time that Instagram added a pair to it. I apologize in advance to all my colleagues.


Muting people on Instagram is a relatively less harsh way of treating people whose posts we don't want to see rather than straight-up un-following them. Sometimes you just have to add certain friends and family because we know them well, but it's always better to mute them for our own sake if we feel mentally exhausted reading the things they share. Not everyone can have the same views about certain posts, so it's always better to remove from sight what disturbs you. You can always visit their profile to see their posts if you ever change your mind. The best part is that Instagram ensures that they are not notified about them being muted by you. It's important because we don't want to offend someone by indirectly telling them we don't like their posts. Now you can add millions of contacts and see posts from only the ones you particularly like. Say goodbye to the guilt of un-following and enjoy your healthy distance!