Plan Like A Social Marketer – Smart Services Offers In The COVID ERA

Social Media Marketing Services during COVID-19 need to be taken very diligently to keep your business running in these stressful times and post the pandemic. When planning your service offers think like a social marketer to come up with a strategy that is best suited for the current market. Today, the buyers will not just be making intelligent buying decisions but will have a significant emotional involvement with marketing as well. If you have not tapped in to your creative communication skills yet, you will need it heavily to design your service offers during the COVID era.

plan like a social marketer

How do you sustain and market your business during this vulnerable time?

It is important to take the right and smart marketing techniques, in order to prevent losses and keep your business afloat. Let us see some of the important steps that can be taken to help your small business thrive.

Publicize your business for social media footfall

It is very important that you should have good communication with your old customers and build new customers. You can apply strategies through online and social media techniques to achieve these results. With lockdown at home and plenty of time in hand, you can promote your products through your website or webpage to different media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other such sites to build a better footfall on your business page and also have a great new clientele. You can add new product photos, improve the web content and renew any old pages that have not been updated for a long time. This will give you more views and footfall and help you advertise your products easily. Once the situation calms down, you can target all the new clientele that you have built. This can have your business sales pick up the lost pace.

You can also promote new exciting upcoming products that could excite your audience to buy them once the pandemic is over.

Use COVID-19 related keywords for strong SEO techniques

SEO is very important in any social media marketing. It gives traffic to your webpage. It also helps you stay in the top search results on google SERPs. Once the coronavirus pandemic is over, the competition among most businesses will increase and if your digital marketing strategy is up to date than you can get an edge over other competitors. Meanwhile, you can also use smart keyword techniques to get some bonus traffic on your page. You can use COVID-19 related keywords to get more audience to your social media. You can use Coronavirus relevant hashtags on your products and market your product by adapting to the current pandemic situation.

Social Marketer Strategy- Adapt techniques like pay per click

social marketing strategy

Since most of your employees would be working from home and the sales and marketing team also would be unable to make any great sales for the company you can try additional income from easy online services.

Since most people are bored and browsing the internet, your business can use PPC marketing. Although Cost-per-clicks seemed to have decreased by 6% it can still reduce further. This will give your business an added benefit. Since the amount you have to pay for per click to the publisher is less. Hence you can reach a larger audience and help your business sitting at the comfort of your home.

Your products should be manufactured and shipped with COVID-19 in mind

With the onset of the worldwide Corona Pandemic, a lot of safety and regulatory precautions need to be taken. Not just for yourself but also for your business while inventorying, packing and shipping your products. In such times the customers are very scared about the sanitization of your products.

You must add safety standards on your social media about how you are following the best steps in a clean, separate and sanitized environment. It is important to publish how your co-workers frequently wash hands and sanitize all related contact surfaces, factory inventory. The workers wear face masks, hairnets and rubber gloves and are following the topmost cleanliness and sanitizing practices. Your Packaging facilities have re-doubled the cleaning and sanitation of boxes and inventory to control any risks from workers of any virus or bacteria.

Discounts and special offers as a social marketer strategy

discounts and sales

With most shipping and transportation kept unavailable, there is no way to sell your goods and services to your customers. At this time, the best way to lure new clientele is by offering special offers and discounts on major goods. You can ask them to make use of this special offer for this limited time. These discounts will depend on agreement that they will receive their deliveries post the lockdown period. With most people at home and on social media you may hit a jackpot of customers who want to buy your goods at such good discounted rates.

Smart like a social marketer – Use Artificial Intelligence in your business

use artificial intelligence concepts

Artificial intelligence bots on websites and the internet can analyze news reports and the media and trending videos. With detailed analysis, they can predict if the virus could spread in the nearby area, by when and how. This can help you predict an estimate of when it might affect your area. And you can take measures to protect your business. Google search engines and Facebook AI teams are working on safeguarding users. They help protect from misinformation, fake news, phishing and conspiracy of spreading false news. You can take help from all these posts. Pre-warn your customers to avoid any panic spread and also build a good rapport with your customer base.

Real-time maps and forecasting algorithms can also help to predict and track the coronavirus. You can add a google map page on your website to give this vital information to your customers. Strategizing as a social marketer will give you an edge over your competition. It will also ensure that your business remains stable even in uncertain times.