Quora’s Broad Targeting For Social Media Promotion Strategy

Targeting key audiences is vital to any business, especially if it is a start-up. This can be best done with digital marketing that comprise of email marketing and blogging, to name a few.  Your social media promotion strategy has to be on point to bring your target audience closer to your brand. In fact, it might be the most important thing you do for your brand positioning. Broad targeting is perhaps the most preferable attribute for social media today. This involves reaching out to more targets, studying, and determining their buying behaviors.

Social Media Promotion Strategy

Target marketing also help businesses keep track of the changes in the preferences of the customers that eventually help their marketing and sales. Quora, the platform for questions and answers has of late introduced broad targeting strategy and claims to have an audience of over 300 million unique users/month. Ads run over this platform that adapt to precise targeting, as the system understands which audiences connect with the ads. This has come as a boon to the marketers.

Quora for digital marketing and social media promotion strategy

With the users, continuing to grow exponentially, Quora has established itself as a strong platform.  As an entrepreneur or a marketing professional, you can use this wonderful platform to reach out to your audience in large numbers. If you are looking to widen your customer base, this social platform is the best place to give out all information about your product or service. However, ensure you do not concentrate on sale, just give out appropriate information so that people are in a better position to make decisions. By doing so, you will be tapping even those who had not considered your product in the first place!

Quora works with brand positioning and establishing you as an expert in some field. You do not go to this social media platform to make friends, however, you do want to establish a reputation as an expert to provide solutions to some questions. In the course of things, you will pick up followers who will look forward to your content in the future. Of course, that might also give you more networking opportunities coming directly from this platform.

Answering questions will make it clear to your prospective/present customers about your product. It is as good as talking face-to-face. Other Quora users will be watching this as well, so you will have a great opportunity!

broad targeting

All you need to know about Quora's broad targeting for social media promotion strategy

  • Quora might not be a rival to Google or Facebook, but the number of users are definitely increasing by the day. It was 200 million last year, so it is up by 100 million this year! Quora's broad targeting strategy depends on machine learning for ad optimization, which reaches out to the right people, in other words, to people who will make a decision.
  • Quora has joined hands with ex-Facebook folks who have been successful in building a sophisticated ad platform for Quora, including retargeting, lookalike targeting and multi-event conversion tracking.
  • Broad targeting comes as an option in the ads interface.
  • Quora's algorithms identify the target audience. The platform does not rely on the advertiser.
  • If you are looking to track conversions, Quora recommends utilizing broad targeting with campaigns optimized for conversion. This was introduced in the month of August, to enhance its targeting ability.

 Marketers are using every form of digital marketing available, of which Quora is gaining significance as a popular choice. While Google and Facebook ads also work wonders, with Quora it is unique. The system identifies the target here, so your job as a marketer is reduced.


Blogging, online ads and email marketing are some of the digital marketing methods. However the content you create must be unique, objective and eye-catching. If you are seriously looking for creative social media strategy solutions, broad targeting will bring huge conversions. This is the internet era. The best solution is to make use of the technology and social platforms to grow your business.

Social media promotions depend heavily on adjustment of strategy to suit the platform. You want your brand to be accessible via different platforms in different roles within the positioning strategy. You have to be present where your target audiences are gathering. Smart Phones and many other digital devices have found their way into every space, so don't you think it is a good idea to digitally market your product/service?