Easily Search Users On Instagram Without An Account!

Looking for someone on Instagram but don't want an account yet? Here's how to search users on Instagram without an account!

Instagram has amassed a gigantic number of users on its platform in a rather short span of time. You'll be surprised to know that it now has more than 1 billion active users who interact with each other on a regular basis. 

search users on Instagram without an account

This means that the probability of finding your friends and favorite celebrities on Instagram is really high. Most of Instagram's profiles are publicly visible and you don't need an account to view them. At the same time, many profiles are closed for public viewing. Anyhow, if you want to view profiles on Instagram without having to make an account, it's possible. 

We'll go over the major reasons why Instagram is so popular and how to find someone on instagram by email. 

Why is Instagram so popular?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites nowadays. Millions of photographs and videos get posted on Instagram. After creating an account for free of cost, you can do the same.

On an Instagram account you can have any number of followers depending on your privacy settings, you will have to permit the follower’s requests (private account) or everyone can follow you by visiting your account (public account). 

Feature Rich 

Once you’ve followed some accounts, your home tab will become a lively place. On it you’ll see posts from your followings. At the top, Instagram shows the profile pictures of people who have a new Story to view, their stories will be encircled red if you haven’t viewed and grey if you have.

Just tap one and you can start watching the stories. You can tap the right side of the screen to jump to the next section of that story or slide to skip them entirely. You can also search users on instagram without an account.

Instagram Stories 

You can enjoy features like a story, where you can put any number of photographs or videos which will be available to your followers for the next 24 hours. You can use filters, stickers and can write some information on your story posts or single uploads.

Do not feel sad about your stories, you can save them by creating highlights which will feature on your profile. Your highlights can also be enjoyed by your followers.

Instagram for Business 

Instagram is like a new business platform. People post their business regarding photographs, videos in their story or just upload them simply to reach as many people as they can.

Advertisement for a business has become easy on Instagram. You can find all fields of business here beauty, fitness or life coaching, name any and it is there. You can search users on Instagram without an account and learn hassle-free.

search users on Instagram without an account

You can get information regarding a healthy diet, juices, smoothies or you can get a workout routine that suits your body type by following the right page (Instagram account).

Earlier youtube was the platform for information and entertainment. People used to browse Youtube videos for any kind of information. Youtube has a very easy to understand and use interface, hence it is very popular amongst the youth as well as older people.

Any video be it your favorite bread recipe or review of new cell phones in the market, is just a click away. For networking also facebook was the one which was the top priority. Everyone today may not use their facebook ids much but everyone has one.

It is still considered a platform where one is required to be present. Facebook’s monotonous blue and white color scheme have been overruled by Instagram's new featured fill attractive interface, which is easy as well. It got every feature like Facebook, liking commenting or sharing a post.

Verified Profiles

Instagram has a desktop site, and it is fairly limited. It’s possible for browsing your feed, but Instagram is designed for smartphones. One should keep an eye out for the blue checkmark on profiles. This blue checkmark signifies a verified profile, which means Instagram has confirmed it’s actually that person and not a fake profile.

Instagram is a place where you can connect and share your day to day activities. One can search users on Instagram without an account, this way you can follow your ideas and mentors without any hassle.

How to Search Users on Instagram without an Account?

There are several ways of finding someone on Instagram without logging in. We'll go over all the ways one by one. 

If You Know the Person's Email

The person's email can be of use if you're searching their profile on Instagram. There are two ways of doing it and any one can work depending upon your luck.

  • Searching through Facebook 

It isn't possible to search profiles on Instagram using just email. The Instagram's search box will not accept email addresses for profiles. So, to tackle this, you can search users on Facebook. 


Facebook accepts email addresses for users in its search box. The idea is that if the user is registered on Facebook, they might have a link to their Instagram profile as well. This is a shot in the dark but considering Facebook and Instagram are related, it can work. 

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If you're lukcy enough to just get the name of the user through Facebook. You can search for the person on Instagram later on. So, it's worth a try to first on Facebook if want to find someone on instagram by email. 

  • Searching through Google

You may get surprised but there's a way to find Instagram users via Google. Actually, Google indexes all the pages available on Instagram.com. This means that Google continuously reads user Instagram profiles and saves a temporary copy with itself. 

Many Instagram users put their email addresses in their Instagram Bio which makes them visible in Google search results. The indexing usually takes 2-3 weeks to refresh. You can get lucky if the user actually has put their email in their bio. 

To do this, 

type "email adress" and "Instagram.com" on Google search engine.

This will bring out any indexed pages that Google may have. 

If You Don't Know the Person's Email

In case you don't know the person's email, you can still use some techniques to find the person. Here is what we can do. 

  • Search through Instagram URL

The fastest way to list all possible accounts on Instagram is adding your query in the URL. 

Simply add the search term after www/Instagram.com/useraccount and see the results.

search users on Instagram without an account

This is a great method to enlist all the possbile profiles as it doesn't require special characters. Many a times, Instagram usernames have special characters due to which finding the profile becomes hard. This method returns all the related results and increases the probability of stumbling on the right profile.

  • Search using a query combination

If you know the name of the person and any tiny bit of information about them, it can prove beneficial. For example, if you're searching for your friend and you know that their birthday is on 22 December, you can add that information in Google search engine. 

You can make your query as follows:

site:www.instagram.com Person Name 22 December

This instantly displays results from Instagram's official website. You can also do the same from Instagram in your mobile browser. 

Why it's better to Search users on Instagram without an account?

A lot of people often send us emails about how to find someone on Instagram without an account. We asked them why they wanted to do so and we got the following responses. We agree to most of these reasons and you should also keep these in mind. 


The thing with social media giants like Instagram is that they monitor your web activity continuously. They collect a lot of information about your internet habits and later use this for their benefit. 

Recently a lot of critics have warned users about this. In most cases, it's just done for serving ads but in other cases it can lead to consequences. This arises important questions on user's anonymity on the web. Therefore, when you don't have an account on Instagram, you will not be tracked by the platform. 

For someone who does Instagram research, this is a good tactic to collect information without being under scanner. 

View Only Purposes 

Not all people are fan of interacting online. But it shouldn't stop you from getting regular updates about your friends and family. 

Hence, you can browse Instagram web without actually signing up for an account. If the other person has a public profile, you'd be able to view everything they post openly. 

In case they've a private profile, you will not be able to view their updates. Nevetheless, you can view all major celebrity profiles as they're mostly open. This feature let's you get updates without having to interact with people on Instagram. 

Conclusion - How to Search Users on Instagram Without an Account

By now you've much more information on how to search users on Instagram without an account. This will help you make your research tasks fully anonymous. You can choose to stay out of the Instagram's tracking features and still be a comfortable part of the platform.