Social Media Contest- Five Most Important Things To Consider

Social media users find it interesting to play gamers or enter a contest. They find fun from these contests. However, as an organizer of social media contest, you have to consider important things. By focusing on these factors, you will be able to run your contest successfully.

Social Media Contest

Conforming to the social media platform rules

You have to, at first, choose the platform to arrange the contest. Every social media site has unique guidelines on the promotions and contest. Facebook is very strict on the contest rules. It also alters the rules at any time. Similarly, Twitter has also its own rule for all contests. It discourages the contestants from developing several accounts for entering the contest. Instagram has simple rules, stating that you should not tag any content inaccurately. While you run any promotional campaign, it is only your responsibility to do everything rightly.

What prize you like to offer

Most of the social media contestants like to know about the prize. The most attractive prize will also help you in enhancing your own brand identity. While the prize is not much thrilling, you may not find lots of potential contestants. However, you should also choose a prize, which is affordable to you.

Contest type favourable to you

Social media contest can be of various types. You have to mention the type to help contestants in understanding what they should do to win the competition. While you are trying to find Facebook contest ideas, you may choose video or photo contest. The competitors have to post photos to get lots of Likes. It is also better to add a hashtag to your page. Polls are also another approach for arranging the contest. The users have to answer queries to enter the contest. Caption contest is another option for you. You have to upload photos, while the contestants can post a creative caption for them.

Timeline for the contest

For how many days do you like to run the social media contest? It is not easy to manage a contest that runs for several days. The contestants will feel the urgency while you have set a very limited timeline. However, while it is very short timelines, you won’t get contestants. Thus, think of the right timeline and fulfil your own goals. This is the best trick for running the social contest on any platform.

Tools for the competition

You may run your contest with no additional tool. However, still, to make all the things easier, you can pick a tool, like Gleam and Woobox. You can manage the contest and generate lots of leads.

Thus, all the above factors are very important to run any social media contest. Connect more buyers and potential customers with this contest. However, you have to track everything about the contest. You may arrange the contest on every month or week. Make sure that you are getting a good response from the contestants. These contests will help you in promoting your brand.