Social Media Marketing and Advertising – Define Target Audience

Are you trying to sell your product to everyone on this planet? Ah, that's a bad idea. You cannot please everyone nor can develop a product that can satisfy the needs of varied demographics. There has to be a target! Especially, if you are planning your social media marketing and advertising strategy, defining your target audience group has to be priority number one.

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If you are planning to start a business, it is important that you identify who your target audiences are, even before your product is designed, because identifying your prospective customers will let you know how exactly your product needs to be and the features that are to be incorporated. Target audience are those for whom you have designed your product. Reaching out to your target audience today is easier than ever, given the technological advances. Digital devices have made possible online marketing, making the job of the marketers easy. One of the best ways to reach and utilize your target audience is through social media marketing and advertising.

Checklist to define and utilize your target audience for social media marketing and advertising

Social media is already flooded with so many different types of advertisements. There are display ads; news feed ads, influencer ads and group ads. Promoting your product and services within this scenario requires a thorough knowledge of the market demands to show real results. Defining your target audience is the key to unlocking the right kind of content and advertisement formats for your ads to get best ROI on your marketing strategy.

Determine who your present customers are

Identify the characteristics of your present customers and their buying behaviors. Why do they buy your product? Look for the features that interest them and utilize it to your advantage. Try to look for and tap potential customers from the same demographics. You can also look at your competitor's customers. However, don't try to grab that market, search for a niche that your competitors have not yet explored.

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Analyze your product for social media marketing and advertising

Understand your product/service. Identify who can benefit from it. You can analyze each feature to have a better understanding. Once you are ready with a list of features, identify the people who are looking for those benefits/features on social media or digital platforms. When you are targeting a certain niche, it also looks professional and helps build a good image for yourself in the industry. You can then build your advertisement content around this information to hit the right tone with your audience group.

Focus on demographics

Age, gender, income, location, education, marital status and background are some of the factors that affect your marketing. These demographics play a major role in your product sales. You need to identify who have the need and are most likely to buy what you are offering.

There are some psychographics that you need to consider as well such as values, lifestyle, attitude, interests and personality. Does your product align with your target's values? Is it suitable for his lifestyle? What features of your product interest him?


Once you are confident of your target audience, ask yourself some questions to plan the next strategy.

Have I clearly understood what they really want?

Can my target afford the product?

Are the target audience accessible? If so, which is the best means of reaching out to them?

Customer outreach

Reach out through social media marketing and advertising

There are many forms of online marketing to reach your target audience, some of them worth mentioning here are blog marketing, email marketing and online ads.

Going digital is the best way, so waste no time in looking for a creative and professional online marketing service.

  • Create attractive blogs and other content forms to grab attention of your target audience.
  • Get active on social media sites and post ads. Give links to your blogs or website.
  • When you get leads, follow them up and try for conversion. However to increase traffic to your site, you need to rank higher on the search engines and that can be best done by making your website rich with keyword optimized content. It is therefore necessary that you hire a committed content marketing service.

It is important to have your audience pegged to perfection even before you start your marketing strategy. Only this way you can get the best results for the social media marketing efforts you put in for your business.