Social Media Marketing Starts With A Building A Rocking Brand Image

Social media is a tricky game. The core of social media success lies in capturing the sentiment of its users. The sentiment of users also affected by social media. So, basically it's a ‘chicken or the egg' problem. Nevertheless, do not be disheartened here. If you want to win the social media marketing battle, just follow the fundamental rules of understanding how the human emotional machine works.

Social Media Marketing

We will follow three simple rules that will form the basis of your social media strategy. Before we begin, we will take a brief look at what are these three rules.

First, you need to tell stories to engage the target audience. Secondly, use images and graphics. Finally, show them that you really care. You can call them the three golden rules of social media content promotion. It is just psychology 101, nothing complicated. Of all social media tips that you have received to build a rock star image, we are sure these will be the most useful.

Understanding the Three Golden Rules of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing depends very heavily on how you package the content on your social media platforms. Every platform has a different aspect that targets a different demographic. You have to make sure your content is designed to perfectly attract attention for that platform.

For instance, while LinkedIn caters to the professionals of the field, Twitter is more informal while discussing everything including political, social and professional topics. Facebook on the other hand, is much more informal. In fact, there is a higher chance of finding families and older people browsing through this platform for content. Facebook also allows larger content pieces as compared to Twitter. You have to design your content accordingly.

Apart from this, you can also experiment with video content for Instagram reels and Facebook stories. Therefore, you have to ensure that you are fully utilizing the content opportunities that each platform offers to you. Now that you have understood the content principles, here are a few tips on how you design your content to attract more attention regardless of the platforms. Your content itself has an attraction power, which should be optimized to draw in more followers on every platform.

Audience Demographic

Tell Stories to Your Target Audience for Better Social Media Marketing

People are not interested in the hard facts presented straightforwardly. They are not interested in numbers, pie charts, embedded PowerPoint Presentations. They want something that works with them on the emotional level. This usually means that they want a story-like content that will capture their interest.

So, let's suppose that if you want to sell a product, you can create a post that talks about someone's story, like what is their background, where they come from, what problems they were facing and how did the product help solve it. This format of promoting your content gives your social media presence a humane face which, in stark contrast to the usual ways of creating content in a generic manner where you present a faceless, emotionless personality of your company. What is the result? Posts disregarded by people.

Use Images and Graphics for Social Media Marketing

This one seems very obvious. However, it needs to be re-emphasized since many do not get the importance of the same. When we say ‘images and graphics', we certainly do not mean the same graphs and presentations on how your product ‘improved productivity'. Keep the corporate out and bring in some emotion. Use images like people smiling or graphics that are very casual in nature. This will generate curiosity among people and soon you will be churning morecuriosity posts like these.

Show Them That You Care

Talk to your audience like it truly matters. People who postpositive and relevant comments should get attention from you and you should frequently reply to them. Now, this is a very basic example of being close and personal with your potential customers. Create stories that ring closer to home. Create content that talks about people's struggles, their efforts and their emotions in the process. The natural tendency to connect with someone comes into effect here.

Emotional connection

Change Your View, Up Your Game, and Feel the Change­

Imbibing these three basic changes in your social media strategy can take you a long way. However, do not expect things to change overnight. It will take some time for your social media content people to get a grip over this method of social media content promotion.