The First Step to Social Media SEO Is To Create A Content Framework

When you are planning your social media SEO, you have to create a step by step plan to achieve the highest success rate. The first step for this plan is to create a content framework that is applicable for your social media platforms and your website. Content is getting better day by day in today’s digital world. Earlier, even a simple post on any topic would get you a good amount of traffic. But, with the immense progress in creating content, one good post is no longer enough.

Social Media SEO

If you really want to create impactful content, your content needs to have a purpose, good optimization, and excellent marketing strategy. And once you construct amazing content for your website and social media platforms, you also have to gain more leads to increase your sales and attract traffic. A content framework can help you design your content in a way that works for your SEO as well as a powerful lead magnet. You can do so with a lead magnet funnel. But, before jumping to that, let’s talk about content framework.

You can create a great content framework with help of the following points:

Goals for content for social media SEO

Social media content

Rather than having goals like ‘increased sales’ or ‘get more traffic’, set specific goals that can be accomplished with some work. For instance, you can set a goal of increasing your blog traffic by 10%.


Before you get into creating content, you should know whom you are creating the content for.    When you understand your audience, you can create more targeted content for them.

Content Type for better Social Media SEO

Content formats

This is the stage where you decide the type of content you want to create for your website or social media accounts. It can be articles, blog posts, videos, etc.

Distribution Channel

Your content is all ready now, so you have to select a distribution channel where you will be posting all your content. You can use a mix of various distribution channels to increase traffic.

Work Flow

Creating and posting content is something you need to do continuously in order to keep your audience engaged and gain more traffic on your website and social profiles.

These points are what an ideal content framework should look like.

Preparing Social Media Lead Magnets

social media lead magnets

Moving on to lead magnet funnel, it is basically something complimentary, like a freebie, which you give to your leads in exchange for their contact information. Without a lead magnet your sales cannot really increase. So, when you use a lead magnet, you should provide something to your audience that they cannot refuse. For instance, you give them a free online course or a newsletter in exchange of their email address. What does your audience have to lose from this? Nothing. But make sure you provide them with something that is useful for them.

Therefore, a lead magnet is something that benefits both the parties. You get the leads and your audience gets something useful informative.

Examples of lead magnet:

Newsletters: You can create insightful content to increase the knowledge of your audience

Webinar: A webinar should be something that educates and creates awareness for your audience.

EBook: An eBook that offers your audience some valuable information is something they will readily give their emails for.

Live Sessions: These sessions are a great way for you to interact live with your audience on your social media channels. You can then repurpose the content as a recorded video on other social media platforms as well. These are excellent lead magnets because you can actually broadcast your products and literally sell their best features to your prospective customers.

Video content: You can create enterprising and educational video content that hooks your audience. Usually videos are more in vogue as compared to written posts. Your video content can be about resolving some popular problems of your industry. You can also create funny or addictive video content of your particular lifestyle as a professional of the industry.

Any and every one of these formats can help you bring more customers. The difference is, with these customers you know that they already like your product or service and are interested in interacting with you. You can also pay attention to the trends and topics emerging in the comments section of your content, this will give you ideas for better product development and even topics for your next content or posts. When you start delivering what your audience wants to see, you will automatically gain more attention from the right kind of audience in your field.