The Role of YouTube in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Role of Youtube cannot be underestimated today.  In late 2011, YouTube made its presence known in the world of internet search giants by taking the spot as the second most popular search engine in the world (after Google of course) from Yahoo Search. It is now bigger than Bing, Ask, AOL and Yahoo combined, and earlier this year passed the milestone of receiving one billion unique views every month. YouTube itself estimates that one out of every two internet users visit YouTube. With these numbers in mind, here are a few more reasons you need to incorporate video into your digital marketing strategy.


It’s Not Just a Search Engine

Yes, YouTube enjoys immense popularity due to its ability to be used as a search engine. However, many of YouTube’s users make their way to the site via outside channels. In a new study, only about half of YouTube’s primary user bracket, Generation C (Nielsen’s new designation for the 18-34 age bracket, the C standing for Connectivity) actively go to the site to use it as search engine. The other half are directed to YouTube from links on social networks, e-mails, search engines such as Google, and 16% find videos from other outlets.

These other outlets include your website. By embedding videos from your YouTube channel on your website, you can drive traffic to your Youtube channel, in addition to traffic generated from search engines and other methods. This is a two way street as well, as users who did not arrive at one of your videos from your website can then be directed to your website. These users share your videos via social media, and your digital reach expands exponentially.[embedit snippet="tw5k"]

People Can Identify With Video

Video gives people who are interested in your company the opportunity to get to know you on a more personal level. It humanizes your content and is easier to consume than the written word as well. People are much more likely to actively seek out video content than blogged content. When someone can put a face to a name, it automatically creates a connection that written words alone do not.

YouTube will only continue to grow, and your company can share in that growth with a video marketing department of your own. Contact TalkingTree Creative today and ask us how we can help get you into the world’s number two search engine.

TalkingTree Creative initially began as a music production company over 25 years ago. Now we produce everything from original videos, live events and entertainment. We communicate client stories in captivating, creative ways. We match our storytelling skills with high production values so the finished piece is clean, professional, and exciting. We make sure that the feelings and experience that attendees take away from the media is a positive one.


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