How To Unlock Twitter Account Without Phone Number Successfully

Wondering how to unlock Twitter account without phone number? Here is a step by side guide for different scenarios that'll get your account back!

Did you receive a message from Twitter that your account was blocked? Don't worry! You're not alone. Twitter has a habit of blocking accounts if they find anything remotely suspicious. You may be just logging back in after a long time. Which in many cases, is enough to temporarily suspend your account.

Now, the standing problem is that many of us don't use our phone numbers on our Twitter accounts. We all have privacy concerns. At the same time, Twitter needs a phone number to verify your identity. What do we now?
How to unsuspend Twitter account without phone number?

Thankfully, there are ways of doing so. They may not be so direct but they work. After all, it can be gruesome to lose ownership of your account. Just before jumping out on the solutions, let's see why you got blocked.

Due to Security Issues

Twitter states on their help pages that if they notice an unrecognized login, they block the account. If you login from a new device, this may take place. Sometimes logging to Twitter from a new location can also result in this.

In most cases, they do this to add an extra layer of security. If you have a phone number added to your account, well and good. Otherwise, you'd end up asking how to unlock Twitter account without phone number?

Twitter Policy Violations

You may be doing it inadvertently, but sometimes tweeting certain things can also lead you to account limitation. Twitter is an open place for people to share their thoughts. The place comes with a few restrictions on what all is acceptable.

So, if you mistakenly violated Twitter policies, you can be locked out. In such a scenario, your account is not blocked. Your Twitter features are limited though. You may not be able to tweet anymore but you can use DM.

Spam-Worthy Activities

A lot of people use Twitter for spamming. Twitter recognizes spam via activities like aggressive following, too many tweets at once and so on. If you happen to do these things by chance, you may get suspended.

In such a case, you might ask, how to unlock twitter account without phone number? Good news is, that it's not required. You just follow a few steps for verification and you get back in. Although, if a phone number is demanded, you'd have to provide.

Ways on How to Unlock Twitter Account without Phone Number

So far, we've seen why Twitter blocks accounts. Now, let's see how
unblock Twitter account without phone number? A phone number is an easy way to verify your identity because you can use the OTP feature. Other ways aren't as instant but sure can work for you. Let's go over them one by one.

Using Email

Most Twitter help pages mention that you can verify your identity using email and phone number. Which means email is still a reliable option.

When you get the Your account has been locked message, you will also get an email with instructions to recover your account. You can open that email and follow the steps given in the form to unblock your account.

Although, if you didn't have a phone number beforehand in your Twitter account, you can add a new one. This need not be your own phone number. You can perhaps borrow a phone number just for getting the account back.

You can later delete this number from your account. But when you do this, you'll get an email for sure. The email will help you get back on track in no time.

Using a Virtual Phone Number

While searching for solutions on how to unlock twitter account without phone number, we came across this. The SMS Receive Free is a service that gives you access to virtual disposable phone number.

You can use the phone number for verifying your identity on Twitter and then get rid of it. The confirmation code sent out by Twitter is received in an online inbox. You can receive the code in a web interface to submit it on Twitter. Sounds cool?

Here are the steps to do it.

  • Go to SMS Receive Free and enter an email account you have access to.
  • You'll receive an email with a link to access you dashboard.
  • From there you can choose a country. The phone number that you'd get will belong to the country you choose. There is Canada and USA as primary options as of now.

how to unlock twitter account without phone number

  • After you choose a country, you'd get a few virtual phone numbers you can choose from. Make a choice and use it on Twitter to verify yourself.

how to unlock twitter account without phone number

Using Twitter Support Form

In case you don't want to try the above methods, you can still unblock Twitter account without phone number. The next way out is contacting Twitter directly.

You just have to enter you Twitter username, and accordingly you'll be given information on how to login back. The method may not work for all users, but is worth a shot.

We tried this method and we were asked to update the email address. You may also get a similar response and you can try it out. Updating the email address has nothing to do with account restoration. Hence, this method doesn't work for all users alike.

Anyhow, it's a good starting step in order to unblock your account. We have a few more ways still on how to unlock Twitter account without phone number.

Using Twitter's Account Restoration Form

Our research tells us that Twitter has a restoration form too. The form is available for users who have deactivated accounts. While answering the account unblocking question, we got another question. How do I reactivate my Twitter without a phone number?

So, yes. Your account may have been deactivated. In order to reactivate the account and all the related help, use the restoration form. The form will ask you some basic questions like the reason for deactivation and so on.

Once you answer these questions truthfully, Twitter will get your account reactivated.

FAQs on how to unlock Twitter account without phone number?

Still have questions? We know. Therefore, we have tried answering additional doubts in some FAQs. Read on.

Can I reactivate account by simply logging in?

Yes you can in case you deactivated the account no more than 30 days ago. If your account has been deactivated for more than 30 days, you'll need the Twitter support form for reactivating it. In order to reactivate the account and all the related help, use the restoration form. The form will ask you some basic questions like the reason for deactivation and so on.

What do you mean by limiting the Twitter Account?

Twitter has peculiar policies against spam tweets. In case an account is found making too many spam tweets, Twitter revokes the tweeting rights. This is done to maintain a safe environment for Twitter users. In this case your Twitter account will login as usual, but your Tweet box won't work.

You can always fix this by following on-screen steps that allow you to verify your identity. This is a quick resolution for people as asking how to unlock twitter account without phone number?

What if I don't get an OTP on my phone number?

In case you don't get an OTP on your phone number, you can wait for sometime, or use the resend OTP button. Usually, it takes a few minutes to get the OTP, therefore, we advise you to hold on.

If you still don't get the OTP after several minutes you can try restarting your phone. Bad reception or signal issues in your region may avoid the OTP delivery. You can try moving out in open, or use another number to get the OTP.

Can I restore my account using a password reset?

You can do so till the time your account isn't under Twitter policy violations. Twitter blocks your account on purpose if that's the case. But if your account is under seige due to suspicious activity, you can always reset your password.

The password reset functionality works through your email for which you don't require a phone number. In case you have a phone number in your account, you can use that too. Make sure you set a strong password this time and save it in a safe place. We recommend doing this from Twitter's mobile app as it's a safer option.


The article comprehensively answers, how to unlock Twitter account without phone number? There are several reasons behind blocking of an account, and we have mentioned most of them. We suggest some good and easy ways by which you can easily get your account back in no time.

Make sure you recognize the exact reason before going for the solution. While most ways work without a phone number, you can get one from a virtual service. In US and Canada, services like Google Voice are available as alternative, but rest of the world doesn't have that yet. So, use the option that suits you the best and restore your Twitter account today.