How To Use Instagram Hashtags To Promote Your Photography Business

Instagram hashtags are the equivalent of keyword for social media platforms and refer to a word or a phrase that is preceded by a # (hash) symbol. You can also use them to filter through and discover contents(pictures( in this case). If you are looking for a way to promote your photography business, Instagram hashtags can prove extremely effective. These are some of the best tips that you can use to help promote your business.

Best tips to use Instagram hashtags to promote your photography business

Targeted audience selection

Hashtags are great for targeted projection of your work onto those who are searching for it. For example, if your work mainly concerns portrait photography, use popular Instagram hashtags. Using popular Instagram hashtags for photography like #portrait or #portraitphotography can enable people to discover your work. It is especially when they search for the tag.

Hashtag density

While you can add up to 30 hashtags per post, it can be a good idea to limit yourself to a max of 15. After that, it can become too repetitive. Also, it seems unprofessional and desperate.

Hashtag selection

There are such a wide array of Instagram hashtags available on the platform. However, getting your post to the featured page definitely takes skill. A simple ‘vetting’ process can help you find the best Instagram hashtags for photography.

Vetting a hashtag

Just because a hashtag is popular doesn’t mean that people looking for similar tags will find your picture. With some big hashtags like #portrait_ig which has over two million pictures, a smaller hashtag like #portraitsofig has just over 6000. It is necessary to find a balance so that your pictures don’t get lost in the sea. Also, make sure that others have not searched it.

Spam hashtags

Some tags like #love, #photooftheday or #beautiful, though largely popular have over half a billion to a billion pictures tagged. Using them can pretty much make your photos invisible. On the contrary, these can also invite and be targeted for spam comments. It is because they are fitted with bots, made to comment on pictures with these tags.

Specific hashtags

The hashtags which we have mentioned above are also not very specific. Also, they won't enable anyone to discover your photos when he uses the tag. On the contrary, a specific hashtag can enable people to discover your work and profile.


These can be a great way to get more followers fast. With plenty of followers, these pages offer a wide collection of pictures relevant to different types of genres. Being featured in these pages can help you get a lot of views and followers. You will have to use their hashtags for the purpose.

Are you looking for some specific photography hashtags? Then, here is a list of the best Instagram hashtags for photography. You can use these hashtags for your posts.

List of the best Instagram hashtags for photography

General Photography Hashtags

#wanderlust #ig_masterpiece #photographylover #ig_shotz #global_hotshotz #worldbestgram #exclusive_shots #master_shots #jaw_dropping_shotz #theworldshotz #photographyislife #photographyeveryday #iglobal_photographers

Best hashtags for portrait photography

If you are trying to tag your portrait pictures, here are some of the best portrait photography hastags for you.

#portraits #portraits_ig #portraiture #portraitstyles_gf #bleachmyfilm #portraitmood #featurepalette  #makeportraits #top_portraits #2instagood #artofvisuals

Best instagram nature hashtags

If you are trying to tag your pictures of nature/wildlife, here are some of the best portrait photography hastags for you.

#natgeo #natgeopl #natgeowildlife #nature_good #nature_photo #naturescape #nature #naturephotography #animal_captures #wildlifeplanet #landscapephotography #landscapes #landscapelover #earthfocus #exploretheglobe