Who Unfollowed You On Instagram? The Way To Find Out

Instagram is one of the most popular applications providing its users with the platform to tell tales through pictures. It represents a world where you can motivate, inspire as well as look for an inspiration having its own perks and cons. Nonetheless, everything or concept has two sides to it so does Instagram. This popular social media platform is all safe to use. It is because you can keep your profile public or private, your comments off or on. Then, you can hide stories from specific person whenever the need be. There are so many advantages but when we are talking about Instagram it somewhere comes down to the followers' list where the number keeps changing with time and then it doesn’t provide you with a reason for the same. Well, we mean how about knowing Who Unfollowed you on Instagram?

Who Unfollowed You On Instagram

Who Unfollowed you On Instagram?: Applications to the rescue

Instagram do comes up with moderations and features other than Instagram Unfollowers Tracker. This is to let the users know about an Instagram ID or profile that follows them but has not been followed back. If you visit a profile that you know you don’t follow, you will see a “Follow Back” option popping on his feed. This certainly means that the person follows you and you don’t. Whereas there are no such features that will let you know if the one you follow is also following you until and unless you search for their name from your followers' list. Now this is only possible when it is just about one and your follower's list is small unlike someone who has a big followers list that is 1000 or above.

There are a few applications that have been tried and tested. They have been helpful to some extent since Instagram doesn’t allow any third party access to know who Unfollowed you. So, somewhere it becomes illegal.


This is an iOS app which is very much compatible with mobile devices running on an iOS operating system. With the help of this application, one gets to know the list of users who have Unfollowed you. You can know this by tapping the “Having Unfollowed Me” option.

Social Media Tools

  • unfollowgram: As it is not an Application this tool can only be used through the web. It asks for your email address for a sign up which is free and lets you check out Who Unfollowed You. Since this practice is illegal so the practices of this tool have been stopped now.
  • Statusbrew: Another social media tool which can be connected to all your social media handles like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Sign up a free account and check out Who Unfollowed You on Instagram.

What can you do for the lost followers?

Apart from knowing the User ID or name of the user you can do just like I did other than knowing Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram. This is to find ways to generate more traffic on my feed. This is done so that more number of people follow me and like my posts. It is the way how you make your feed look interesting, attractive and equally helpful. This is especially for people who look forward to especially when it is a public profile.