Yik Yak App: Learn More About This Social Network

Unleashed in 2013, Yik Yak app was a communications technology for smartphones. A 5-mile perimeter was covered by the app, which was accessible for iOS as well as Android.

Yik Yak App

Reason for Yik yak's downfall

Anonymity and a handful of remedies to suppress offensive, making threats, or racial slurs appeared to blame for Yik Yak's image issues. Using the interface, people could downvote a thread they discovered vile or inflammatory, but it was taken off of the site if enough people did.
As a result of mainstream press hostility throughout its cooperation of online harassment, the program's customer base shrank dramatically in 2013 & 2014. Especially in comparison to 2015, the number of user instals dropped by 76% in 2016. Yik Yak declared on April 28, 2017, and it would be shutting down over the next week due to a lack of user interaction. Square decided to buy Yik Yak's cognitive estate for $1 million and decided to hire many of Yik Yak's ex-clients.

Features of Yik yak app


The Yik Yak social media platform makes it easy to share your ideas without disclosing who you are or where you live.

Peek feature

In an attempt to discover out that whatever folks are talking about, you can "peek". If you're attending a concert or a football game, you can use this feature to see how people are responding to the occasion in real-time. This means that while you will be capable of reading what is said in other places, you will be limited to writing Yaks inside your area, voting on them, and reporting Yaks.


Upvoting your beloved Yaks and downvoting the ones you don't like is possible. In the "hot" stream, yaks with the most number of likes are featured. A Yak is instantly deleted from the live broadcast if it acquires a rating of -5 due to being voted down.

Yakama Scores

The Yakama system rewards clients who publish the most famous Yaks and the others that are highly regarded. The above contributes to the game-like aspect of the app's functionality. You'll find your Yakarama scoring rate in the upper left-hand corner.


Yaks accept comments. Commentaries are anonymized, but people are allocated arbitrary logos to represent themselves in the discussion.


Second-level educational institutions can query that their School be geofenced to help avoid minors from utilizing the software on campus.

Great Alternatives to YikYak in 2021

1.) Whisper

Whisper has been with us along with Yik Yak app for quite some time, but while it's highly identical to Yik Yak, its target audience is made up of individuals of all ages. This app offers capabilities such as publishing anonymously and replying to other folk's messages. The software categorizes Whispers- Whispers are posts on Whisper) based on talent, geography, and other factors. There seems to be a search bar, which allows you to look for Whispers that include specific terms and communicate with others who share your interests.

2.) AskFM

ASKfm is an anonymized inquiry forum software. While you must sign in to use the app, and it is not anonymous apart from when you pose questions, it still has a lot of momentum due to the vast number of individuals who use it to engage with others and do a lot more. You may make a profile and share it with your friends. If you wish to meet new individuals, use the search feature and input your interests; the app will list persons who share your passion.

3.) Candid

The programme also enables clubs to join based on their hobbies and express their opinions anonymously. If you don't find the type of group you're looking for, you can always start your own and invite people to join. Candid also allows texting, so you may talk with folks you're fascinated with or who share your experiences. The programme does request your phone number and Facebook login, but you may easily bypass this step if you want to remain private.

4.) Jodel

Jodel, another of the top applications competing for Yik Yak's spot in the university pupil's mobile, is probably as close in features and capabilities as Yik Yak. The programme has a nice layout and provides anonymous blogging and commenting options, similar to Yik Yak. The application does, of course, demand your geolocation and displays Jodels- as the application's postings are known around your area. You get Karma points when you submit new Jodels or remark on current ones.

5.) After School

After School is a completely "student-only" messaging software where you may stay anonymous. You can also choose to reveal your identity if you prefer. The app begins by asking users to select their institution and course year. Following that, you will be prompted to check in with Facebook to confirm that you are attending the School you selected on the app. This is fantastic since it stops unwanted elements from congregating in groups and ruining the pleasure.

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