When And Why should You Buy Backlinks?

Your website obviously needs lots of traffic and a high ranking SEO score. But should you buy backlinks for it? Let’s uncover the truths regarding this!

buy backlinks

Backlinks are basically your website links posted on other websites. These links constantly direct traffic to your own website, helping you with conversions and SEO. On its own, creating backlinks or convincing other website owners to publish your backlinks is a tedious task.

You might need to write guest posts, submit graphics or other pieces of valuable information in order to get backlinks. This is a fair practice but out of 10 efforts of doing so, only one or two will actually work. This makes the process very painstaking. It’s even more difficult on websites with a high Domain Authority or Page Authority scores.

So what can be done about this situation? One solution is to expand your resources to buy backlinks rather than struggling to create them. This a faster process and gets you the worth of what you’ll be investing. Let’s know more about it.

What happens when you buy backlinks?

Paid backlinks get you both advantages and some costs to pay, let’s see what they are.


Increased Referral Traffic

Having your website links published on other websites ensures a high inflow of traffic to your website. backlinks work as extended branches that bring traffic from relevant audiences to your website. Depending upon how many backlinks you’re able to create, you can increase your traffic by 150 – 300%.

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Boosted Organic SEO

More backlinks send a signal to the search engine that your website is a valuable resource of information. This boosts your SEO score and you get higher ranks on SERPs. When you buy backlinks, you can easily create more of such backlinks to websites, meaning better search traffic as well.

Faster Site Progress

As a website owner, you want your website to make progress as fast as possible. Despite all your efforts, it can take years to get the significant return on investment from your website. Paid backlinks help you speed up this process and bring the town to months, allowing you to make valuable progress within the initial year.


Higher Costs

You need to create a lot of backlinks to make big profits. When you go out to buy backlinks, they can prove out to be costly sometimes. If you’re eyeing really popular websites with thousands of daily visitors, they can charge a lot. Therefore, buying hundreds of backlinks will be a costly affair as there are hardly any cheap backlinks available.

Lower Availability

The problem with buying backlinks is that not all websites offer them. There are a still a big number of websites selling backlinks but finding them can be a hassle. You will only benefit from backlinks that are in your niche. Hence, availability is uncertain.


In the end, we can say that if you’re looking to make a solid presence on the web, you can buy backlinks. They offer a faster and reliable source of traffic for your website. They also help you climb the SEO ladder. However, finding and paying for backlinks can be a bit of a difficult task.