Profit through social media content marketing- Why you need a blog

Everyone finds their passion at a certain point in their life. You may be a musician, soccer coach, or a trainer who loves what they do. It might even be your passion. Moreover, earning some extra bucks from it or turning it into a full-time career is the best thing you can do. It is the ideal solution to get some profit out of your passion. If you love to write or create videos, you can tap in to the power of social media content marketing to turn it into significant profits. How? Just by setting up a blog! 

social media content marketing

However, can you really earn profit from a passion? Well, the answer is a simple Yes! With technology at its peak in today's world, the best and easiest way to earn a few bucks is by blogging about your passion. Yes, you got it right, blogging is emerging today at a very fast pace. This is because whatever problem a person has, they can easily find its solution. All they have to do is open the internet and type their issue, what they see next is a lineup of websites that offers the solution to their problem. So from how to tie your shoelace to how to assemble a car, everything is out there on a blog. Therefore, why not blog about your own passion?

For instance, if you are a public speaker you can set up a blog and write about the various aspects of public speaking. It could be about what people should know and what can keep their fears away while speaking in the public. People are always on the lookout for learning from someone who is experienced in the field. Therefore, having a blog about it will extremely profitable for you. However, it will also give people the information that they really need.

Blogging can also serve as a full-time work from home career for you. This is because all you need to create your own blog is a laptop, a domain name and a website, and you are good to go.

How can you monetize your blog- social media content marketing strategy?

Blogging opens up many opportunities for you. Just sharing your ideas, insight, tips and tricks works wonders for some people. In addition, when you create a brilliant blog, you attract a lot of traffic on your website. Here are a few simple ways by which you can earn profits from your blog:

Blog monetization

Run ads

When you attract a large number of audience on your blog, you certainly will get offers from companies to run ads for their products and services on your blog. You can go ahead and accept the offer if it is relevant. Thereafter, you will earn money based on the clicks or purchases that your readers make from your blog. 

Create video content

Video blogging is much more popular today compared to even written blogs. You can also create videos and embed them in your written articles on your blog. This will also give you a great premise to tap in to the social media content marketing power of YouTube, Instagram and Facebook video platforms. Just make sure that the content is edited in a format that is suitable for the platform. Also, invest yourself in a good production value for the videos.

Create Video Content

Create online courses

‘If you are good at something, never do it for free’, you might have heard this before, and here it comes again. If you are really into your passion and have an in-depth knowledge regarding the same, you can prepare online courses for prospective readers and persuade them to buy it. People are always keen on gaining more knowledge, so it definitely works.

Publish your own eBook

You can simply make money by just writing short eBooks on your topic of interest and putting them for sale on various online reading platforms. Alternatively, you can create eBooks that are more in the tutorial format. You can also create nonfiction eBooks that are written from a storytelling perspective. Make sure that your book brings some major value to your audience.

These were a few quick and simple on how you can earn some extra bucks from blogging about your passion. In addition, if you get really good at it, you can turn it into a full-time career or become an entrepreneur.