10 Free Digital and Social Media Marketing Tactics for Dental Practice

In order to increase profits for your dental practice, you must first generate more patient flow. So here, we are to help you with the best 10 free digital and social media marketing tips and tricks. These will help to attract more and more patients for your business through a virtual platform. These guerrilla-marketing strategies is that they help offer sustainable results for any business, and absolutely cost nothing.

Check out the top 10 free marketing tactics to increase profits for your dental practice here.

Create Remarkable Content

The first useful marketing trick that will help increase profits for your dental practice is content marketing. You must regularly update your dental practice’s website and social media platforms with great content. This could be in the form of a blog, vlog, or even something like a podcast. Make sure to have great content to offer to your existing and potential clients. This way you are quite likely to engage them towards using your services as well. There is no doubt that good quality and useful content will help answer the questions of your patients. Ultimately, this will make them use your services.

Digital marketing

Form Connections with Local Businesses

Here is another free and effective marketing guerrilla-marketing tactic that you can integrate in your dental practice. This will help to increase profits too. Try building relationships with the local businesses around you. The first step towards forming connections with them is to like, comment, or share their content. As this is something that will give more exposure to get new clients. It will also open a door for chances of a promotional collaboration in the future.

Do not Neglect Retaining your Existing Patients

This is something that every dental practice needs to observe. Retaining patients is of as much importance, as it is to get in new patients. The combination helps to increase profits for your business. Take steps to retain patients by creating a trusted bond with them. This will eventually help you with great results for your business.

Effective Complaint Handling Process As Part Of Digital And Social Media Marketing

Regardless of the nature and size of your business, you are ought to make mistakes at some point or the other. On the brighter side, when a client comes with a complaint regarding your services, it gives you a rare opportunity to show that you are capable of fixing it efficiently. If you have a great complain handling process sorted for your dental practice, it will actually help get back the trust of your clients, along with winning you their loyalty for the longest time possible.

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Get Access to Media Platforms that are Free

The next free marketing trick that can help increase profits for your business requires you to look for media platforms that will not cost you anything to promote your dental practice services. One such PR agency in Australia is Source Bottle. This is an amazing agency that helps connects industry experts with various media outlets. All you need to do is to register your area of expertise in Source Bottle, and as and when there is an opportunity you will be given a platform to speak on it in interviews. In this way, you not just promote your dental practice, but also increase your brand value in your community.

Ask For Referrals through Digital and Social Media Marketing

One of the most effective and free of cost guerrilla marketing tactics for your dental practice is none other than asking for word of mouth referrals. To make it simple for you to integrate this free marketing strategy for your dental practice, we have come up with a 4-step ESAR framework for you. This ESAR framework means that you must earn the right to ask for referrals from your patients, set the scene for referrals, Ask for referrals, and lastly Reward the referrals given by the patients in the form of a gesture.

Online Reviews for Digital and Social Media Marketing

When it comes to marketing for you dental practice, or in that case any business, you cannot ignore the importance of online reviews. In today’s digital world, most customers check reviews before using or buying your services or products. So, it is quite important that you do not hesitate from asking reviews for your dental practice service by your patients. The more and better reviews you have for your dental practice services in your area, the more number of new patients will be able to trust and use your services. Not to forget, the best part about using this marketing strategy is that it does not cost you anything, and still helps generate more patient flow.

Corporate partnerships

Multiplying your Bookings

Another effective and free marketing trick to help you with increased profits and patient flow is to multiply your bookings. You can quite easily and simply multiply your patient bookings on call at the time of giving appointments to your existing patients. For this, all you need to do is to ask the patient on call if there is anyone else in the family who would need your services as well. Therefore, for instance, if you have asked this question to a female patient, who is also a mother; you might as well get one additional appointment in this case.

Corporate Partnerships

You can also increase revenue for your dental practice without any marketing costs, by going for corporate partnerships. Corporate partnership with any organization that deals with your ideal clients is always a great idea. For this is something that not only helps you with an increased patient flow eventually leading to increased profits, but also something that adds value to your dental practice service in your area.

Networking is Always a Great Idea

Lastly, when it comes to free marketing strategies for your dental practice, how can you leave out the time-tested benefits that you get through networking? You can work on networking for your dental practice by participating in events and community programs that give you a chance to promote your business free.

These free digital and social media marketing strategies can help you network better. They can increase your outreach and help you retain the leads that you convert for sustainable periods.