Importance of Instagram Likes


instagram likes

Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram in a one billion dollar deal, it tries its best to make sure that both the platforms work in close proximity with one another and are tightly integrated together. This is why now you see that every uploaded and share content on Instagram is coupled with the like option. The like option or the like button was introduced by Facebook and it became very popular. Nowadays not only normal users but even big businesses would do anything to get more likes. Instagram likes work the same way as the Facebook likes. If you like a photo on Instagram you like it to show your appreciation.

Why are likes so Important?

A lot of people have questioned the necessity of like. Many feel it is only a business strategy to keep people on both sides engaged and entertained. What we forget is that in the online world the feature of touch and feel doesn’t exist. Even touch based smart phones don’t give the satisfaction of a real world appraisal. The necessity of like is that if someone likes your photo, meaning he/she really-really likes it and wants to tell you this, he/she can do it now very easily by just pressing the like button.[embedit snippet="ins3k"]

The number likes feeds the human psychology of getting appraisal. It is social proof that your photo was actually liked by many. This is why Facebook likes were such a big deal. Now Instagram likes also hold the same meaning. If you want to spread a word about something on Instagram, well then do so with a picture. If the picture is liked and people actually believe in your cause/business/brand then they will share and more people will get to know about it. This way you will get more and more followers from all over the world.

Using Likes as a Business Strategy:

If you are looking for ways to attract more traffic to your business website then using Instagram can help you achieve that goal pretty easily. Sites like Instagram can make brands products go viral in a matter of days. All you need to do is get an interesting and unique picture out on Instagram and allow it to be liked and shared by your followers and then the followers of your followers. This chain goes on and on and this is what helps you get more traffic and more customers to your business. Instagram is quite appropriate for business promotion.



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