Why getting more Twitter follower is important

More Twitter Follower = More Popularity:: Oh boy, this is a tricky headline. How many fantastic writers out there reflected about the fact that you should be going for quality instead of quantity?

On kicking off great conversations instead of increasing followers? On helping out others and promoting others instead of focusing on yourself? And now this?

There is even this great quote I used many times: Thinking that your follower count defines your success on Twitter is so 2008.

Yet, here I am, telling you that it is important to get more Twitter followers. Before you storm off, please let me explain a little which angle I am taking here.

getting more followers on twitter

Quality is key, Quantity can’t be forgotten

Blogger Daniel Sharkov, someone I truly respect for his thoughts on Social Media, once said:

“No matter how much you engage with others and how quality your tweets are, getting results with 200 followers can hardly happen.”

This is something I very much agree with. I also believe that the two go together. So the higher quality your tweets and the more you engage, the more followers you will get.

The case Daniel is making is clear. If you aim to reach a larger audience, you will naturally need a certain following you can reach out too. The focus you are taking here is the point to be argued about. Falling for a “Get thousands of followers in days” – scam-software might not be the one I would recommend.

Fortunately, there are other ways.

Build Your Following On The Side

So even though the focus shouldn’t lie on getting followers, there are a few simple things you can do to build a larger audience. These are a few of the small things we have put in place:

  • Use the new Twitter follow button
  • Mention your Twitter username in the sidebar

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