Brightkite Social Networking along with Alternatives: Explained 2021

Brightkite was a social media service centered on locations. By utilizing text messages or one of the mobile apps, users would be able to verify in person and could see who is close to them or who was before.
Brightkite allows enrolled clients to access and meet people in the locations they go with their old connections. Once a user checks in, letters and pictures could be posted as well as other people could comment on the posts. Brightkite's Android, iOS (iPhone), and Symbian apps were available.
The Brightkite website seemed to be out of function by April 2012.

What Makes Brightkite Special?

Access to everybody means that the functions of Brightkite are quite simple: add a single key feature that is not compatible with, and instantly restricted, phones that operators give free of charge. It must thus mainly depend on the fundamental features of the mobile phone, periodic updating of the text messages. "Check-in at Brightkite," like Dodgeball, calls for new text, and not every bar-hopper will maintain up-to-date its position in the wee hours of the morning. More text message codes may be remembered because it gives more choices than Dodgeball.

The End of an Era

It might be the end of an age. After financiers last year spent money on a variety of social media mobile firms, firms are now attempting to find out how to improve their presence to be recognized beyond clutter. And investors might get hospitalized. Here, Brightkite collects around $9 million in money from its shareholders put into Limbo three months ago.
Throughout his encounter with the firm, Limbo was amazed by BrightKite.

Several comparable businesses contacted it because it had "cash on hand," but there were never any conversations beyond presentation. It seemed like Brightkite was on the same road," adds Linner.
Although some speculations suggest that the fate of BrightKite is based on an influx of cash, Linner maintains that's not the case and that, even without the purchase, the business would also have successfully supported itself independently.

The social media sites based on locations were all raging — or should have been. The iPhone released its new 3G device, which combines new quick surfing with locational consciousness and that everyone expected users would talk with a whole range of services that concentrate on localized networking sites and connect with pals from Loopt to Brightkite.

Alternatives to Brightkite

City Hour

City Hour has been built and is one of the greatest instances for the location-based service app. It is a combination of sociable and enterprise software which allows consumers, wherever, where they are, and how much they have in common, to engage with other people.
Depending on the industry, the profession, or another criterion that you pick might optimize your search. The software will calendar everything after you have done these connections, so it's okay.


For commercial and personal purposes, Glympse is highly beneficial. You may do so in one minute if you'd like to discuss your whereabouts with pals, family, or colleagues. You will be alerted of your whereabouts if you are arriving late or if you are infringed.
Don't bother about security. You decide who views your whereabouts and who notices it. Interestingly, you can also build up geographical teams using this social media network geolocation app to constantly let families know where and each one is.

Dark Sky

It is a sort of social networking program based on locations that may be used to monitor and keep aware of climate situations Users may select from a broad range of reports, such as snow or rainfall alerts, fast weather predictions, etc.
Dark Sky gives clear weather patterns for tourism locations with map representations of weather systems on apps. One nice feature of this weather application is that you can select from many choices and change them whenever you like.


Happn is the finest social or social platform with a geographical location in real-time. If individuals are nearby, they will get notices if someone near you becomes a user of Happn which you saw previously. You may also cheerfully do the same if you wish to avoid someone they don't like.
Other people can view other users' profiles. Users can also restrict it when they want some of it privately. This database application user can restrict other people and will never go outside in real-time until they decide to disclose it.


A person can publish and share their experiences/memories with certain pals or other people. The software almost removes SMS or call requirements.
Hello provides higher quality products all you'd need is Wi-Fi. It is among the most common social media marketing applications based on locations.


Now it's convenient and simple to buy, pick up and taste your favorite foods. The way we do things can affect locally-based mobile apps, particularly the way we interact. Most of us did this by buying online food from a wide range of eateries.
For that action, Taco Bell is the bot. The curbside app has collaborated with several major distributors such as See's Candys, Best Buy, CVS Pharmacy, etc.
The social networking location aspect is- the user puts an online order, the retailer places that order.


This location-conscious software is a market connecting local companies and people who need tasks with folks who reside close to the people who can execute those jobs. Licensed "Taskers" complete the whole insurance coverage for 20 million dollars.
Here, people may post without any costs; taskmen register their offers; people select the work and pay for the firm.