10 Mistakes Social Media Marketers Should Avoid

10 Mistakes Social Media Marketers Should Avoid

Source: SEO Dubai

It is almost impossible for businesses and brands to get recognition without using a social media marketing strategy. Online platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Reddit allow an access to millions of potential consumers. Still, there are marketers who fail capturing attention from social media users, mainly because they don’t pay attention to certain strategies. Well, a social media marketing strategy can offer benefits if businesses are aware of 10 mistakes social media marketers should avoid.

1. Missing Social Media Marketing

People are not on social media just to go through long articles plainly presented to them in text format. A social media marketer must use graphic content like videos, photographs and other visually appealing stuff.

2. Poorly Constructing Social Media Page

A business can strategically utilize its social media presence by doing impression management. Social media marketers, who don’t pay attention to designing a page and presentation of content, simply mislead the audience or leave a bad impression.

3. Only Filling up Contact Information

Generally, type of content on Facebook or other social media site depends upon the nature of business. Still, there are few mandatory practices that everyone must follow. A social media marketer must not leave an empty account with no information other that contact information. One should make sure to furnish some real and engaging content for the audience.

4. Not Updating Your Page

This is the most significant from the top 10 mistakes  social media marketers should avoid. If a social media page of any business has followers and audience, then updating it becomes necessary. Otherwise, visiting that page on daily basis and not seeing any fresh content simply proves offensive.

5. Updating too Much

Yes, too much updating can also offend a follower. Just imagine how you feel if one single page bombards you with so many notifications or it dominates your newsfeed. So, a better option is to keep updating of the content at moderate rate.

6. Sending Frequent Messages to Fans

Flooding inbox of any fan with promotional offers, especially on social media has never remained a good approach at all. If a social media marketer uses, such kind of targeting, then he/ she might be risking the potential consumer base.

7. Posting a Copied Content

It is a good strategy to offer the viewers what they actually want to see, but posting the copied stuff is not a right approach at all. A social media marketer can post some relatable stuff, but a better approach is to produce something new and fresh.

8. Turning Back from Negative Criticism

One of the worse from 10 mistakes  social media marketers should avoid is not responding to the criticism. Social media is somewhat open medium and any criticism their gets access to a huge audience. Hence, it is a must for the related business to properly address the controversy, in order to sound more reliable.

9. Focusing on Personal Promotion

Social media marketing becomes a real challenge because marketers need to focus on sounding relatable on personal level. Using too much stuff about products and offering that too in a too professional manner, is not what a casual social media user is accustomed too.

10. Not Interacting with the Fans

Not interacting with fans through social media means, engaging in a monologue while sounding too narcissist. In modern times, brand can’t afford to have this approach as they need to focus on customer oriented approaches. Hence, a social media marketer must remain connected to the audience through proper communication.