Instagram Search – What All You Need To Know!

Ever wondered how Instagram Search works and how Instagram gets to know what you like? Here are the secretive details.

instagram search

Instagram collects a lot of data about its users via its search bar. You may not know but you're leaving tons of clues about your internet habits online with Instagram.

The search bar basically shows results of various People, Tags, Posts and Places. You can find various users on Instagram, you can find feeds related to specific hash tags and you also get to see the places that are more often tagged on Instagram.

There are many other things that Instagram does when you search something on it, we've described these things in detail below.

Instagram Search Remembers Who You Look Up

Have you ever tried searching for a profile in Instagram? Well, now that profile has been recorded by Instagram forever. This is why, Instagram saves everything you search and repeatedly shows you these results in the search bar tab.

Your search behavior gives necessary information to optimize your discover section. Instagram suggests you updates from various places. Therefore, whenever you search for a profile on Instagram, know that Instagram will  remembere it forever.

Delete Search Suggestions

If you search for a few people more often, your search results stick to the top. Sometimes, these suggestions can annoy you as you don't always want to see them around. Hence, if you want to delete these search suggestions, you can long press on a particular suggestion and choose to hide it. This way, you won't see it ever again, but know that Instagram would still retain the search result in it its memory.

New Discover Section

The new revamped discover section now shows content with classifications of various types. Instagram deduces these classifications on the basis of the people you follow, the type of hashtags you use and obviously, the accounts you search in the Instagram search bar.

You must know that Instagram records most of your activity in order to suggest you content. Even the ads that you see and the Facebook suggestions that you may come across are influenced by what you're searching.

How to use Instagram Search for Better Discovery?

Fortunately, you can use the power of search for your advantage as well. If you're a business page looking to increase domination on Instagram, you can use various web tools for improving your search performance.


These tools will help you collect the most popular user accounts, hashtags and posts in a much more refined way. They get you real results directly from Instagram without you making an account on Instagram itself.

You can easily find out what's trending in your niche and how to plan your marketing effort accordingly. Many Instagrammers use these tools to improve their discoverability by using trending hashtags. You can even search for other things such as places and people on the wide screen. The Instagram's little user interface doesn't allow for much.