Some of the best alternatives to Twitter in 2021

People are increasingly turning to Twitter alternatives. There are several reasons why you might not want to continue using Twitter. We know there are a lot of problems there, for instance, individuals playing politics. Minority harassment through threatening and discriminatory statements is often seen on this platform. People are no longer interested in being a part of the toxic environment created on Twitter due to all abuse concerns.

It may be highly addictive, which is one of the reasons why many prefer to switch to Twitter alternatives. Several bots and scams are operating on Twitter, as a result, the number of Twitter users are rapidly dropping. In this article, we will go through some of the best alternatives to Twitter that you can use in 2021.

Top alternatives to Twitter 

1. Mastodon  


mastodon logo

Mastodon is a worldwide social networking platform that is similar to Twitter but far superior to the latter. Every user has a private network on this platform. Since it lacks a central server, the data given by the user is not used for revenue-generation. People are free to join any network they like. Mastodon's guidelines strictly forbid any form of discrimination, harassment, or inappropriate remark.

mastodon dashboard

Mastodon, unlike Twitter, is impartial and allows users to share their beliefs and opinions. This platform has yet to acquire popularity. It has 2.2 million users worldwide. Mastodon will most likely become a strong competitor to Twitter in the future years.

2. Koo


Koo is an alternative to Twitter that is created in India. People may now express themselves in their languages as well. Since the majority of Indians are not fluent in English, they feel omitted. Koo supports all major Indian languages, allowing more users to voice their opinions and be a part of important topics. People can share their views about Indian politics, beliefs, and ideologies.

Koo includes features similar to Twitter, thus it will be familiar to Twitter users. Koo claims to have 6 million users to date.

3. Care2

care2 logo

Care2 is a platform where sponsors and users work together to solve critical issues and bring about changes. In contrast to Twitter, where everyone is busy making nasty remarks, care2 allows users to join petitions, attend webinars, and reply to various news stories shared by other users. People who have similar political, social, and environmental views can get together and share their ideas.

On this site, people share their success stories, which encourages other users. They may have healthy discussions about a variety of problems and contribute to make society a better place.

4. Reddit

reddit logo

People may express their thoughts and ideas about the latest news or updates on Reddit. Users may submit any content, allowing people to upvote or downvote these posts. A post with the most upvotes is more likely to be viewed by a large number of people.

Reddit users may create groups known as subreddits. People may join groups based on their interests and engage in active conversations. Reddit now has over 430 million active users.

reddit dashboard

5. Ello

ello logo

Ello is a forum for artists, authors, photographers, and journalists to express themselves, and is free of advertisements. This platform is also known as the "global community of artists", and is a great place for acknowledging the works of these talented people.

6. Tumblr

tumblr logo

Tumblr is a well-known social networking website that allows users to publish short blogs and posts. Users may submit pictures, videos, GIFs, and other media. Tumblr is a possible alternative to Twitter; since, unlike Twitter, individuals may express themselves freely without fear of negative remarks. Users can follow one another and send messages. Tumblr also offers a "safe mode" feature that allows users to filter out sensitive or improper content. Tumblr currently has 327 million users.

tumblr dashboard

7. Plurk

plurk logo

Plurk is a social networking site where users may write microblogs/posts (known as plurks). Users of Plurk, like Twitter users, may share their views with a large number of individuals. Unlike on Twitter, people here do not need to worry about any form of abuse and are free to share their thoughts and ideas. Users can also choose whether to make their posts private or public. Plurk uses color codes to help users in identifying different kinds of posts. Every plurker has a unique Karma value. Their activity adjusts this value, and more emoticons are available to those with more Karma. Plurk has 1 million active users.

plurk dashboard


We are now aware of the problems with Twitter, which is why many people are switching to other platforms. The alternatives mentioned above are among the most popular platforms nowadays. In conclusion, these networks are quickly gaining popularity, thus, will certainly replace Twitter if improper remarks and hatred continue to spread there.

All seven sites are free, and anybody can join by just giving an email address or, in some cases, a valid phone number.