Is Blogging on Upcoming Social Media Apps a Good Career?

Blogging can be a rewarding career option if you aspire to achieve success in the realm of writing. If you think you have a way with words and the ability to write with rhetoric, you could go far as a blogger. Many intellectuals believe that if you are a creator, there has never been a more exciting time to be alive. Writers have now taken to blogging on upcoming social media apps about their passions, interests, food, travel, sports, gadgets as well a host of other subject matters. Blogging about the topics that you feel passionately about, can be fulfilling and well-paying.

Upcoming social media apps blogging

Back in the Shakespearean age, proficiency in language was considered a celebrated talent and writers were deemed as intellectual honchos. They were royalty! After centuries, writers and content creators are again getting the due recognition and acknowledgement for their work. More recently with the unprecedented expansion of the digital ecosystem, content creators have a found massive opportunity to use their prowess to make money.

What Does a Blogger Do?

Blogging is far more than what meets the eye. A successful blog consists of various elements and activities such as writing, video creation, editing, creating infographics, social networking, SEO, social media management and financial management. It is actually a lot like running a small business. Contrary to what most people think, it is not about being paid to sit at home to write just a few fancy words or create a short video reel. A blogger writes an informative and descriptive account on a topic. Blogging on the upcoming social media apps requires a whole range of additional functions to get your content high up on the search lists.

Professional Blogging

There are several bloggers out there who have taken up blogging as a full-time avocation. A lot like any other profession, it is hard. Most people blog to be able to create a regular source of income as compared to simple creative satisfactions. A typical day for a blogger is about responding to scores of enquiries, sending direct email pitches, and learning the ropes of profitable internet business. Much like any other occupation, blogging requires a number of skills such as relentless learning, effective negotiation and the ability to write with expression and prose.

Hobby Blogging On Upcoming Social Media Apps

Hobby Blogging

Hobby blogs were vastly popular till about a while back. One does not really hear so much about them anymore. Today when creators are reinventing themselves on upcoming social media apps, most blogs are trying to sell certain products or services. Instead, a hobby blog is merely an account of the writer’s interests and passion. It is a piece of writing that is focused on the writer’s creative and artistic aspirations. Usually it does not promote any goods or services. A hobby blog is not centered around the endeavor to earn a meaningful income. Having said that, it is still possible to monetize.

 The main objective of a hobby blog is to provide the author a platform share his thoughts and perspective about a topic.

Become a Professional Blogger

If you wish to become a professional blogger on new age social media platforms, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. Not everyone who wishes to create a successful blog succeeds at it. In, fact the success rate is a grim 5 percent. Becoming a professional blogger requires real empirical knowledge of the subject that you wish to write on. In combination to that you also need certain other digital marketing skills.  A blogger needs to be adept at skills. These include SEO, web building, and social media marketing. You also need to do promotional activities such as creating backlinks, guest blogging, interlinking, email marketing etc. You could be an excellent writer but as far as blogging is considered, you can achieve success only if you also keep yourself abreast of the trending issues recent developments in the field.

Corporate Blogging On Upcoming Social Media Apps

A corporate blog is a social media profile published with the intention of presenting and demonstrating the short term and long term organizational goals of a company. Especially, with regard to its vision and mission. These blogs are maintained and published by the companies themselves. Businesses usually get an experienced writer or content developer on board to create and promote an expository blog for them. Alternatively, many companies also hire freelancer to write their blogs.

Corporate Blogging

The bloggers can either create a single profile on one social media app. Or they can maintain multiple blog platforms on multiple apps for a company. Since there are teams working on corporate blog profile development, they have more freedom for social media outreach with multiple profiles. The main purpose of the blog is to highlight the endeavors of the company in light of their mission statement. Usually corporate blogs also apprise readers and stakeholders about the projects undertaken by the company under the corporate social responsibility.

Corporate Blogging Best Practices

If you wish to create a successful blog, it is very important that you present novel ideas through a unique focal point. Incorporating another blogger’s model may not work for you. Your skills and competencies will be different from another blogger. However, there are certain established best practices that can help you get started. Once you have powerful content in place, the biggest challenge is to reach out to a substantial number of people. There are several ways of getting your content across to a greater number of people. Email marketing, keyword optimization, search engine optimization and creating backlinks are the most important practices. These can help you get more readers and subscribers.

Many Businesses Now Use Blogs to Promote Themselves

Blogs are also a great way to promote one’s own products and services or the business itself. Especially if you are trying to make it in the upcoming social media apps, you will have to come up with fresher content to beat your competition cold. It is an extremely trustworthy and dependable source of information on a company’s products. A blog helps you in promulgating the merits of a product to the people.

A social media blog could also be a simple way to tell the stakeholders and the customers that the company is profitable and in good shape. To a lay person, a blog is much more informative. Even more so than the audit reports and the financial statements of a company. A well-developed blog resonates on the credibility of the business. It also helps the business in reaching out to a greater number of potential customers. The customers get more information on the company’s products and policies. It also helps in converting engagements into transactions.